Tuesday, June 28, 2005

padan muka

Serves you right, you dick.

I told you a million times, you are not as great as you think you are. You and your kind. You have nothing. Nothing useful. All you have is an illusion. A goddamn illusion and you end up lying to yourself. The world gave you that illusion, but the world also owes you jack shit.

All this time, you and your kind scorn me, just as I scorned you before, just as I scorn you now. But turns out I was right, no? Arrogance with substance is something I can respect. But arrogance from a fool is something I laugh at.

Go back you cow, go back and wonder what went wrong. It was not today that you messed up. It was all this time when I told you, you and your kind that you would end up worse off than me. Go back and weep, you fool.


So who pissed you off?

err..veli the random...

dont be angryla..i kiss back..



Heh... still at it?


what theee?

yoh ur blog looks uglier than it usually is! heh.
*i am not complaining... merely saying. n i like it being ugly. helps me concentrate on the words.

p/s vincent u rock. who pissed u off? i kick her ass for u.


eih.. i mean his/her ass. why do i always assume that idiots are females har? im criticising my own ppl! bad.

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