Wednesday, June 22, 2005

stupid hero

Few days ago, coming back late at night, I noticed a beautiful half moon hanging quite low in the star filled black sky. Just before entering my house, I noticed that it painted a very picturesque scene as a background to the deserted street. Houses on both sides of the road and street lamps dimly illuminating the parked cars in front of houses painted a good opportunity for night photography.

Now, I know what a good photo should look like. I know how to imagine how a good photo should be taken. Unfortunately, I am a lazy ass and never actually bothered learning HOW to take those damn pictures. So, a good photo opportunity presented itself and I figured that since I had nothing better to do, I should do some experiments with night photography.

Wearing just t-shirt and shorts with a pair of Bata slippers, and armed with my shitty camera, I went out trying to take a damn picture which I knew was never going to succeed. Ok, I figured that it's night and hence not enough light......so I need to play around with shuttle speed (to let more light in). I tried a shit load of different speeds but the pictures still came out shitty on the small little display screen. Then I figured...that's because my hand shakes....that's why those dudes invented something called a tripod!

So, I placed the camera on the roof of a random car and started experimenting with different shuttle speeds and exposure settings (whatever the hell that is). I was clicking away at the camera for like 5 good minutes, when the door to a nearby house opened and a blonde chick dressed in her pyjamas came out and approached me.

"Scuse me, what are you taking pictures of?"

I pointed to the sky..."Nice moon"

She looked up, "Yes, it is" and went back into her house.

Awesome, this chick thinks I am a professional criminal. I didn't give much of a shit and continued snapping those pictures. A couple minutes later I happened to look in the direction of her house and saw that she was peering through the curtains at me. Now, I was getting worried that she might call the cops and that would be damn troublesome. So, I took a couple more shots and went back into my house dragging my Bata slippers with my heavy feet.

Lesson of the day : Some people are so fucking stupid, you wish you could slap them in the face.

That was a damn stupid thing to do coming out to confront me. Noble, but very stupid. See, if she thought I was doing something fishy, that meant that I was a bad assed crook. So what's gonna stop a bad assed crook from robbing her house and raping her?

If you see anything fishy, call the damn cops. No need to be a hero confronting me. If she wanted to confront me, she should have done it with a friend (still not advisable because I can pound anybody - even big macho guys), not coming out to talk to me dressed in her fucking pyjamas! Either that, or she could have stood at the foot of her door and shouted out to me.

There's only so much the police can do to prevent crime. The rest is up to you and your brains.


perhaps she's trying to pick you up, dumbass. You should've groped her tits and observe her response...



btw, that's me up there, not anonymous.

Like you said, she's a BLONDE!!! ;p

vincent...was the pyjamas seee-thru...

She so obviously thought you were yau ying in your bata slippers. Probably was thinking, "Who's that artistic stranger outside photographing the moon? Wahhh!!! Look at his sexy legs!!I wana fuck him!!"

Was she hot?


michael : Hmm...I didn't think of that. Good point...

hliew : Yeah, blonde people like to live up to their stereotype.

ahlian : Oh hello...welcome back! Where did you go? No, pyjamas wasn't see through.

tilia : My bad....didn't think of that. She was mildly warm. Wouldn't kick her out of bed....hahahah..


walk to vincent and kisss u *with serious look*

Well at least she came out.In KL no one would have done nuts and then later proclaim 'oh yeah i saw a suspicious fella last night'.

You didnt mention if she was hot? Well? Was she?

gavin : Like I said...noble, but stupid.

fuckstress : Wouldn't kick her out of bed ;P


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