Tuesday, June 28, 2005

under construction

My template has been screwed up for the last few days.

I have no idea why because I never touched it.

If you happen to chance upon this, don't worry, it is temporary, I will revert back to the ugly red one as soon as possible..

UPDATE : As you can see, its already the traditional maroon. Its my damn trademark! I can't get rid of it! There are however still a lot of things I need to settle, so just bear with me for another day....if you have any suggestions, please let me know..........


Perhaps you should stay with this colour scheme, it looks nicer.

maroon is killing my eye frankly speaking, I don't think anyone can stand very long under a maroon background. :)


Oh... holy shit. No more ang-moh orang utan already.

Nonono.. we want orange! We want orange! hahahahha

wei, this one nice oni wut... leave it lar...

KK : Hahahaa..it's my trademark dude. Can't be changed...

mrkiasi : Orangutan is back, although I might change it soon..

keng : I never make the same mistake twice..

sugi : Colours are done, just some tweaking left..


It is legible, so it is ok.

ok. you win. YOURS is the ugliest blog. hahaha!

Same here, seems like mine also screwed up. wtf is going on?

vincent..ur color look brown on my comp...ur beautifull blog will look good with animes...becos anime are beautifull...

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