Sunday, June 26, 2005


Stepping into this country off the airplane from day one, I have heard countless tales of people being subjected to racist treatment. This is something which I usually brush off because of the accountability of the stories.

One such story was told by a Singaporean dude in my first month here. This dude came into the halls dining hall one day and was incensed by the fact that he was an actual victim of racism, as he called himself. Apparently he went to the university student union shop to try to by some tracing paper. All he could find were books (or pads??) of tracing paper. So, he went up to the cashier and asked whether he could buy ONE piece. She said no and rudely brushed him off. And because of that, he said she was being racist (cuz she was rude to him). I told him that it was not a damn kedai runcit and I would have told him to fuck off if I was that cashier.

It's stories like that that seriously make me brush away most 'racism' stories. There are also stories I heard where this Chinese dude was walking on the street and someone walked up to him, slapped him, and ran away. Those kinda stories are true, but they are not racist. It is actually a very very sad practice that kids here do. I can't remember the actual name for it, but the punks, or more affectionately known as 'yobs' find it funny to assault ANY random person on the street while a friend films it on their camera phone. At the end of the day, they compare amongst themselves to see which of them has a funnier video.

Anyways, today I have another 'racist' story involving the most credible of sources.......myself.

This afternoon, I was sitting alone in McDonalds having lunch while reading a newspaper. The tables in that branch are all relatively large with loads of chairs around. It was lunch hour and it was packed. In fact I had taken the last available table after getting my burgers. I was reading the papers when 3 fat pikey housewives came in with their kids. Three kids ranged from about 5 to 10 years old while there was another toddler in a pushchair.

Some of them sat while the others went to order their food. A few minutes later, while reading my newspaper, I heard a woman's voice :

"Fuck that Chinese guy....ask him for the spare chair"

I looked up immediately, not too sure whether I heard it right. One of the mothers saw me look up and her face changed colour immediately. I focused my attention to the fatso who was standing up and gave her a cold stare. Then, the most incredulous thing happened. The bitch put on a nice smiley face and said in the politest of tones:

"Would you mind if my son took that spare chair?"

I continued staring at her and asked, "What did you say?"

"I asked if my son could take that spare chair"

"Yeah he can..........but what did you say before that?"

Silence.....Not a single denial, nothing. That's one guilty bitch speechless at awe of my guts.

"Just so you know, I am not offended by your words......but for you to say it in front of 3 kids and a toddler....that's just fantastic..."

(thinking about it, there were so many harsher and more sarcastic things I could have said, but this was the spur of the moment thing)

And with that I went back to chomping on my Double Cheeseburger. Not a single word from her....not a denial, not an apology, nothing. And in case you were wondering, I was not the least offended by her remarks. She's a pikey - the lowest social class there is. Trailer park trash. She dressed like one and talked loudly like one. I never get offended by pikeys.

What I was pissed offed about was that just the previous night, I had been thinking a shit load about kids reading my blog with all the profanities and stuffs (and feeling a bit guilty), and here was a mother telling her 10 year old kid to 'fuck that chinese guy'. If she had said it amongst her friends, I wouldn't have bothered. But which goddamn mother talks to her 10 year old kid like that?

*Sidenote : This is a totally different situation from the Amok story. This was a remark made by a pikey - and hence insignificant. I was however quite pissed with Merriam Webster because they are a big organisation who should know better


Just so you know, my mom is Chinese, and I have a Chinese look on me, so I myself have got into this situation a few times in my life. Most of the time, I just ignore them and go on with my business.

Like you said, the remarks insults me the least, but the situation given sometimes make me feel like knocking the piece of shit out.

And people wonder what has happened to our younger generations, all rude and wild, when we have wives shouting profanities in front of their 10 year olds. Fucking unbelievable.


I say mate , what you done totally humiliate her , and I like it :D . I still remember one 8 years old Malay kid threw stone at me while I cycled by 8 years ago . Too bad this generation of youth is so full of shit because of the parents , yet the community still put the whole blame on those brats .

"Happy Slapping" was the term you were after...

mebbe they were brought up in that kind of enviroment... the kid calls his mom toots or something... and calls his dad fucker.. and vice versa...

Just like my neighbours.. the father always call the son with a lot of flowery language... then the son call back oso the same. So it might be normal for that particular family. :P


5 years ago, someone cycled past me and shouted 'Ching chong Cheng!!!'
Told him to fuck off.

stupid mother chavs..........


I guess people can all say that racism doesn't exist.. but those of us who've experienced it, sure know as hell that it does!

vincent...if i stay in UK....if the gwai lous enter my aprtmnt with keys and can in/out freely plus take cash cos they know that it is chinese-owned household...wat u do?

mizuchi : After a while, you get used to it, eh?

yunjie : I don't think its possible to humiliate such people.

yuenli : There are also manifestations of that...like throwing eggs at people from cars.

keng : That's what we call a big happy family.

lyn : Ching chong? I have a friend called exactly that! Hahaha..

jean : I wouldn't call that a racist act. Its a damn pikey who committed it...no different from the longkang boys back home.

ahlian : Why would they have your key?


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