Saturday, June 25, 2005

unsuitable for kids

Talking to Kim this morning, I realised that there was an important point that I did not cover in the NST article on blogs.

Sure, I was dissapointed that my address and my name was not mentioned. But I don't blame them. Look at my blog title. It doesn't exactly spell 'wholesome family entertainment' does it? About a year ago, long before the famous Star Two article, there were some featured blogs in the Youth 2 section. I remember taking one look at that article and turned my face in disgust. If these pansies talking about their juvenile problems can get into the national newspaper, so can I.

But then reasoning took over. No way was I going to going to be featured in a national newspaper (and sure as hell not in the Youth a.k.a. kid's section) with the kinda content and language I use. As Eyeris once pointed out to me, 'Congratulations...you moron' isn't exactly something a national newspaper reporter can write and get away with whether or not he feels that way.

Anyways, the point was that I figured out long ago that my blog with all its profanities and cussing would have an obvious target audience of adults. I have even had some blog policemen come here and tell me that I should not write like that and should not insult people as much as I do. I told them to fuck off.

Just now, I was reading this about some bloke complaining that minishorts.net was not suitable for his kids. I guess, his letter did have a point in a way. Here, the nation's number 1 newspaper was telling people that blogs are good things, and the next minute his young kids are reading about Little Mermaid not having a cunt.

That said, I do not think that The Star is to blame. They did a pretty good job of showcasing blogs, good ones at that. And Minishorts? She's done nothing wrong. She said what she wanted to say. This is where my long winded story above takes relevance. My philosophy in blogging from day one was to say what I want to say and not give a hoot about others.

But still, the dude did have a point. I cannot blame him for not censoring what his kids read. He can censor stuffs like porn, but when it comes to blogs....how was he to know? We have to remember that blogs are still relatively unknown stuffs. When somebody told me about a web-blogs, I thought it was a diary of what sad losers did everyday. As far as I was concerned back then, I had no idea as to the kind of 'awesome' material people put in their blogs. So, to the average Joe, blogs are child friendly and there would be no reason to restrict them.

Weird thing is....it never occured to me that some kid might chance upon my blog. I sure as hell wouldn't want some 10 year old kid reading some of the stuffs I wrote, stuffs like this. Would you want your kid reading that and clicking on the picture?

So......what do we do?

Its like porn. Should we abolish it just because kids shouldn't see it? No.

We could however put up little disclaimers just like in porn sites.

'If you are not 18 or above, please click this button to leave.'

Personally, I don't know any underaged kid that was discouraged from visiting porn sites by a simple disclaimer (I wasn't), but at least...at least we are warning parents that some stuffs we write is not suitable for kids.

And so, I feel my only obligation to the general public is to highlight the fact that my blog is not suitable for kids. I have changed the line at the top of my blog warning stupid people that my blog contains profanities (I say stupid because anybody who reads my blog title and thinks that there are no profanities in here ARE stupid). I am also going to post the following logo everytime I write something that I feel NO KID should read.

Ooops...I think I might have just spoiled the entire moral of the story..

*If anybody wants to put that picture on their blog as a disclaimer, by all means go ahead


i am perfect.

maybe i should use that sign above for my blog =P

kimberly : You're perfect? Me too!

cyber-red : Go ahead. Consider it a community service message.


Wah... lu suka fikir manyak...

haha. can borrow your banner ar? :)

good one, vincent!

lol. For one minute, I really thought that you were being serious and you went on to spoil it with that logo. Heh.

kim : you just figured that out?

eyeris : Yeah, feel free to use it.

kat : I was serious. Only the last bit is a joke.


vincent....i really like your logo...aaaa..

maybe kids also dun understand your logo also... hahaha...

ahlian : Yes, and I like it too.

mrkiasi : They're not meant to.


you only need one universal disclaimer that covers all stages of life, including animals, aliens & plants... like mine.




i wanted to post that one up, but it would make me very 'undiplomatic'.


eh i got you on MSN going to stalk you fr now on.


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