Sunday, July 31, 2005

back online

One month, and some 15 cities later (no shits), I am back home.....

I am actually dead tired, and I have a lot of stuffs to write about. Normal blogging service shall resume tomorrow after my parents and my brother have gone back. Oh yeah, I still have to fix the goddamn fucking template. That's the problem with ego. I REFUSE to use the goddamn automatic blogger templates!

Anyways, tomorrows topic : Angmoh cock.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

funny concept

Funny concept, these blogs...........

I am now in Heidelburg and will be going to Frankfurt today.

But why would you be the least bothered??


Sunday, July 24, 2005


I am now in Munich after spending the last two days in Freiburg. I have a shit load of things to say, but not much time to say them all. Stuffs like:

1) You bloggers are all fucking idiots.
2) The difference between spitting mud back at your enemies and just being fucking stupid.
3) Adding tall germans to the brunette french and blonde swiss list.
4) I spent the last two days in the company of my dad´s German friend....an old bloke who lived through World War 2 and actually had some very interesting stuffs to say about the war (stuffs you´ll never read in any book).

I guess all those stuffs will have to wait till when I get back to my place. In the meantime I will still continue to update.

Just so you know, I am staying in a hotel which actually has FREE internet access. Well, sort of free la. They charge 10 euro cents a minute for me to get broadband from my room (which is pretty damn expensive). Alternatively, I can use the free computer in their shitty lounge (where there is a man behind me smoking weed). The computer is crap and the connection is a dial-up. Being a Malaysian, I of course settled for the free stuffs.

I feel kinda bad typing this as I have spent the last 2 hours hogging the computer trying to catch up on the news. A shit load of people have come to the lounge (I think with the intention of using the computer) and left when they saw me.


Just so you know, when I was in Paris, I believe I did something not many people would ever do in their lifetime:

I took a dump from the top of the Eiffel Tower and also when travelling at 300km/h on the TGV.

How awesome is that??


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

travel update

I am now in Zurich after spending the last 4 days in Paris. Will be going to Freiburg the day after tomorrow. If you don't know where that is, then its time to brush up your geography.

In the meantime, while waiting for my next post (which hopefully if I have time, will be about the following topic). In the last couple of weeks, doing touristy stuffs, I have seen a shit load of chicks. You tell me who the chunnest ones are....

The blonde Swiss...

The French brunettes...

The barbie doll Japanese.......

I'll tell you what I think the next time around..............


Friday, July 15, 2005

long wait

I am off to Paris tomorrow for the 2nd leg of my holiday. I THINK I have Wifi connection in my hotel and will update if possible. Another 2 more weeks of holiday and then I will have to start working.....

In the meantime, here's a long awaited photograph of myself doing the customary tossing the hat in the air........

...........with my friends.

In case you were wondering, I am the bloke who is the best looking out of the lot who has the largest smile on my face.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

chapter 2

Today, I officially graduated.

Now I can go about making money so that I could get that CLK.

Now I can laugh everytime someone tells me that they have to study for an exam.

Now I can go about my business finding a chick. That's because*cough* I was a very good boy who believed that you should only find chicks after you finish studying*cough*

Feel free to congratulate me. I do have a big head after all. It can only get bigger.

*Proper post with a picture of me tomorrow.....I am quite damn tired*


Saturday, July 09, 2005

london drowned in sirens

I am in my second holiday destination.....London. My parents arrived on the 6th, and thankfully not the next day. I ain't gonna tell you how it was a sad thing that happened. I ain't gonna tell you a story about how close I was to the blasts (I wasn't - I was in Victoria Station and couldn't get into the tube). I am not gonna tell you how this is a sad occasion and everything....

I am going to tell you a story about hope....and since I have only 10 minutes, I am going to tell you a blinking short story. Euphoria on the 6th was awesome. London had won the Olympic bid and although I wasn't in Trafalgar Square, watching a whole bunch of people scream in delight (albeit on TV) was enough to get all the hair on my legs to stand up (and there are loads of them there).

The next day, obviously....shock and anger. Mostly fear. The whole tube and bus service was shut down, basically shutting down London. It is eerie walking on Oxford Street and not seeing a single car in sight. Everywhere we walked all day, we heard sirens. Ambulances, police cars and fire trucks scruiing around like mice effectively makes a sound that you never forget. At one time, I looked to the sky and saw 4 helicopters around. The palace was swarmed with army dudes in green camoflauge fatigues bearing machine guns (replacing those blokes with the red dress and the hat)

However.......today, everything was back to normal. With the exception of the tube lines which obviously had to be shut down, the streets were once again packed. The tube stations which were in operation were packed. The busses were going about as though nothing had happened. People were going back to work the same way the would usually do it - by bus and tube. And.......Oxford Street was back to normal.

That's called moving on. That's called sucking up the mud and spitting it back at your enemies....

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Monday, July 04, 2005


That´s a great big hello from Lisbon!

Quick things you didn´t know -

1)There is a beer called Super Bock, which is cheap and quite good.

2)I am damn tired, and have only 3 minutes to type this before credit runs out, so I thought I should say hello...

Those you dudes who asked me for a present in the last post, would you like a cock?? I know Fuckstress would like an angmoh one...how about you minishorts?

Ermm...apparently there is a COCKeral which I see everywhere, some sort of national symbol I guess...haven´t been able to find out what it is yet..


Saturday, July 02, 2005

you'll miss me

July is going to be an awesome month...

Firstly, I'll be graduating, and hence putting an end to my ridiculous 15 year stint of being called a student. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to that day. 13 July, folks....keep a mark on your calender and send me gifts to celebrate that occasion.

Anyways, I'll be on holiday for most of July, starting tomorrow.

I'll be off to Lisbon and will be back on the 5th. My whole family is coming on the 6th and we will be touring London before my graduation. After that, we'll be going to Paris, Zurich, Munich.....just to name a few. My parents leave for Malaysia on the 31st of July, so I'll be basically on holiday for the whole month.

Needless to say, this blog will be quite neglected. I will however post whenever I can, if I feel like it...so stay tuned....


war of the worlds

*contains spoilers*

I can deal with the fact that everybody gets zapped except the hero and his two stupid kids. Hell, I dealt with all that from watching all those Seagal and Stallone movies. The hero NEVER gets harmed......that's just how it works.

I can also deal with all those crap like aliens planting shits a million years ago, dying from bacteria and all that random plot line flaws. That's really ok. Movies aren't meant to have logical plotlines anyway.

But I can't deal with the fact that they have to add additional scenes which have no relevance to the story AND doesn't make sense.....

Like the EMP which can take out all the cars and even a goddamn watch........but we see a guy with his videocam recording the aliens come out from the ground.

And more disturbingly....that stupid snake-like device that they send into people's home to look for survivors sucks. When searching for lifeforms, you don't use a goddamn video camera......you use an infrared camera which doesn't get confused by a stupid mirror. And you would think that stupid aliens with technology a million years old would know that....

Plus, I hate that stupid kid.......


Friday, July 01, 2005

magic template

*scroll down slowly*

Alright, as you guys have already known, my site template was screwed up and then it underwent some construction. As of yesterday, I told you that I still hadn't sorted out the problem. Well, I was lying. There wasn't any problem with it. I was actually harness my programming and HTML skills by trying to come up with some kinda blog magic trick.

So far, I have only been able to come out with just 2 tricks. Now, here's what you have to do.

Transforming logo trick
Scroll back to the top of the page and observe the stuffs. Stare at the screen for 2 minutes and come back and continue reading. Don't blink. Just stare and observe.

Done? Good. Thanks to the colour of my page, you should be hynotised by the time you are reading this. Now, click any one of these buttons. They are nothing more than random permalinks to my previous articles or just archive pages and will open in a new window. Go on, just click any one.

Now, in that new window that just popped open, scroll back to the top and stare for another 2 minutes. If you had done it right, you would have seen the trick.

My logo had miraculously transformed into this:

*ok, I hate to admit it, but this was the first trick I learned and so I might have made a mistake with it. It only works sometimes. If it didn't work properly, leave this page and come back later and try it again*

Messy trick
If you had tried out the first trick just now, you might have inadvertedly done the second trick as well. No matter, just close the window, go surf other blogs or something and come back later. Scroll down the page just a little and note the colour of the headings for the sidebar. Also note the alignment of the page.

You should have seen something like that:

The paragraphs are not aligned properly. Very messy....kindergarten work, you might say. Also, the headings are in green, which is kinda a weird colour considering this blog is red. We need to change all that because that's just ugly.

Now, with the help of an assistant which I have spent the last 3 days creating, the messy template should clear itself up. Just press the REFRESH button and you should now see:

Look.......with just one click of the refresh button, the whole template changes......awesome magic, don't you think??

*these magic tricks don't work sometimes, so if you really want to see them, keep trying*