Thursday, July 14, 2005

chapter 2

Today, I officially graduated.

Now I can go about making money so that I could get that CLK.

Now I can laugh everytime someone tells me that they have to study for an exam.

Now I can go about my business finding a chick. That's because*cough* I was a very good boy who believed that you should only find chicks after you finish studying*cough*

Feel free to congratulate me. I do have a big head after all. It can only get bigger.

*Proper post with a picture of me tomorrow.....I am quite damn tired*


congrats dude...

4 months till STPM and I will be free...............

congrats man! you can now officially tell people who are still 'students' how it was like when YOU were still studying... heh

congratulations man!

booo CLK.. boooo

Oi, where's that picture already....
Oh yeah, congratulations!


Congrats on graduating earlier than Yee Wei or froggy


thanks a lot everybody!

*sniff* wah. big boy adi. *sniff**sniff*

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