Sunday, July 24, 2005


I am now in Munich after spending the last two days in Freiburg. I have a shit load of things to say, but not much time to say them all. Stuffs like:

1) You bloggers are all fucking idiots.
2) The difference between spitting mud back at your enemies and just being fucking stupid.
3) Adding tall germans to the brunette french and blonde swiss list.
4) I spent the last two days in the company of my dad´s German friend....an old bloke who lived through World War 2 and actually had some very interesting stuffs to say about the war (stuffs you´ll never read in any book).

I guess all those stuffs will have to wait till when I get back to my place. In the meantime I will still continue to update.

Just so you know, I am staying in a hotel which actually has FREE internet access. Well, sort of free la. They charge 10 euro cents a minute for me to get broadband from my room (which is pretty damn expensive). Alternatively, I can use the free computer in their shitty lounge (where there is a man behind me smoking weed). The computer is crap and the connection is a dial-up. Being a Malaysian, I of course settled for the free stuffs.

I feel kinda bad typing this as I have spent the last 2 hours hogging the computer trying to catch up on the news. A shit load of people have come to the lounge (I think with the intention of using the computer) and left when they saw me.


Just so you know, when I was in Paris, I believe I did something not many people would ever do in their lifetime:

I took a dump from the top of the Eiffel Tower and also when travelling at 300km/h on the TGV.

How awesome is that??


I've done both 7 years ago. I win.

And today, I also made it a point to take a dump on the top of the Olympic tower in Munich. I bet I win now.


vincent...missing u alredy....wish i can go to kinky A'dam...

vincent..i misss u tooooo...

"if u have to ask how much, u cannot afford it"-ahlian-


you suck

master dude : Thats weird cuz the previous 2 people seemed to think otherwise..

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