Saturday, July 09, 2005

london drowned in sirens

I am in my second holiday destination.....London. My parents arrived on the 6th, and thankfully not the next day. I ain't gonna tell you how it was a sad thing that happened. I ain't gonna tell you a story about how close I was to the blasts (I wasn't - I was in Victoria Station and couldn't get into the tube). I am not gonna tell you how this is a sad occasion and everything....

I am going to tell you a story about hope....and since I have only 10 minutes, I am going to tell you a blinking short story. Euphoria on the 6th was awesome. London had won the Olympic bid and although I wasn't in Trafalgar Square, watching a whole bunch of people scream in delight (albeit on TV) was enough to get all the hair on my legs to stand up (and there are loads of them there).

The next day, obviously....shock and anger. Mostly fear. The whole tube and bus service was shut down, basically shutting down London. It is eerie walking on Oxford Street and not seeing a single car in sight. Everywhere we walked all day, we heard sirens. Ambulances, police cars and fire trucks scruiing around like mice effectively makes a sound that you never forget. At one time, I looked to the sky and saw 4 helicopters around. The palace was swarmed with army dudes in green camoflauge fatigues bearing machine guns (replacing those blokes with the red dress and the hat)

However.......today, everything was back to normal. With the exception of the tube lines which obviously had to be shut down, the streets were once again packed. The tube stations which were in operation were packed. The busses were going about as though nothing had happened. People were going back to work the same way the would usually do it - by bus and tube. And.......Oxford Street was back to normal.

That's called moving on. That's called sucking up the mud and spitting it back at your enemies....

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very sad... this time last year i was still in london. i wonder what i'll be doing on that thur if i am still there. it felt personal cuz i knew the city and the people.

london is a great city, i hope you and your family still get to enjoy it, despite what had happened.


Leaving for London in a couple of hours. :)

Couldn't agree with you more on this one..

thank the gods thursday was my off day. terrorists are scary fuckers.

I just started reading your blog. So you're graduating... Congrats!! I graduated from a uni in London last year.

vincent...why the world is sooo sad...i feel hao xing kuuu....

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