Friday, July 15, 2005

long wait

I am off to Paris tomorrow for the 2nd leg of my holiday. I THINK I have Wifi connection in my hotel and will update if possible. Another 2 more weeks of holiday and then I will have to start working.....

In the meantime, here's a long awaited photograph of myself doing the customary tossing the hat in the air........

...........with my friends.

In case you were wondering, I am the bloke who is the best looking out of the lot who has the largest smile on my face.


Biggest Smile? Ah yes, the bald one.

I'd reckon fourth from left?


Man... that is one gelleed up hairdo. You're starting work already? Where?

sorceress : 4th from left and bald one are different la...besides, its been a good 3 months since I first cropped off my hair.

kim : which one?


which one exactly are you again? none of them look like you.. chin view isnt a nice view...

put up a higher resolution picture lah. then your secret admirers can print a life size poster of the picture and hang it up on their bedroom wall ;)
maybe they might kiss one of the 5 people in there from Mon to Fri. Maybe you can give them suggestions what to do for the weekends.


Yang paling gemuk tu lar....

Everybody looking up in the air like got naked woman falling down on them. And why is botak guy trying to wank the other guy with the right hand? Horny izzit?

the one in the middle prolly?

is it me or does the 2nd feller from the left look a little bit like william hung?

@ k3ng..of course chin view aint nice...he only got like 3 chins



Second from the right? Wooot! from this angle ur looking kinda cute. ;)

oh yeah... did you get ME ANYTHING!?!?

congratulations you moron*... :P

*quote from Vincent


congratulations vincent

third from the left... i.e the only one doing the tossing.

dude, you look like a junkie. i can dislocate your wrist with my dick ! HAHAHHHH!!!!

Congrats !


the guy in the middle looks like a playboy....which one is you?

keng : I told you, I am the best looking bloke. Very hard to judge meh?

sweelin : And would you consider yourself one of those people? Hehehehe..

kim : ..!..

viewtru : Yeah, he is kinda horny.

vanillasky : Good guess

seta : No, its just you.

fuckstress : I look great in ALL angles, thank you.

KK : Thank you, doofus. *also a quote from Vincent* Hahaha...

kimberly : Thanks.

michael : Your dick the size of a salami issit?

jane : I told you....the best looking guy.


This is bit late. Congratulations. :)

hahaha.... i don't stick posters on the wall anymore.
happy berjoli.... before your blog revolves around bitching about work life soon ;)



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