Saturday, July 02, 2005

war of the worlds

*contains spoilers*

I can deal with the fact that everybody gets zapped except the hero and his two stupid kids. Hell, I dealt with all that from watching all those Seagal and Stallone movies. The hero NEVER gets harmed......that's just how it works.

I can also deal with all those crap like aliens planting shits a million years ago, dying from bacteria and all that random plot line flaws. That's really ok. Movies aren't meant to have logical plotlines anyway.

But I can't deal with the fact that they have to add additional scenes which have no relevance to the story AND doesn't make sense.....

Like the EMP which can take out all the cars and even a goddamn watch........but we see a guy with his videocam recording the aliens come out from the ground.

And more disturbingly....that stupid snake-like device that they send into people's home to look for survivors sucks. When searching for lifeforms, you don't use a goddamn video camera......you use an infrared camera which doesn't get confused by a stupid mirror. And you would think that stupid aliens with technology a million years old would know that....

Plus, I hate that stupid kid.......


I have never wanted to kill a little girl this much in my life.

heh heh. tell me about it. whiny bitch of a lil kid.

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