Monday, August 22, 2005

burka riddle

*cough, cough....not feeling very well....cough cough*

Last week, I wrote an article about how to behave at an airport arrival gate. At the end, asked you guys to figure out a riddle.

The question was :

Three Arabian women in burkas are travelling together. They are of similar body size and height. When they emerge from an airport's arrival gate, the one in the middle is pushing a trolley on which all their luggages are placed upon (which rules out identification by personal belongings). As soon as their individuals husbands spot them, they rush up to hug/greet the women. How do they know who is who?

*cough cough....fucking hell..I am in the middle of coughing my guts out*

Now, let's look at the possibilities:

1) Most of you horny guys out there suggested just hugging first and finding out later. (Not a very good suggestion, if you ask me.)

2) Of course, I know a lot of you were thinking of looking at the boobs. (Which doesn't make sense because a burka is meant to be loose and block out the perverted eyes.)

3) Look at the damn shoes!

This one is actually plausible when looking at the above example. However, some burkas cover the feet and actually sweep the floor, so you won't be able to see the shoes as well.

So, just as I was wrecking my brains for a suitable answer, I looked at the picture once again, and the answer popped right up. The only other body part that is exposed are the eyes! Surely a husband would be able to tell his wife apart from looking at her eyes?

Sounds logical, right? I mean....if you think about it, the most unique feature of a woman's face are her eyes. Stare long enough into the eye of a woman and you will find yourself looking into a mysterious cave of her inner feelings and desires. And the husband, like any loving man would have spent hours staring into her lovely eyes, unravelling the mysteries of those gorgeous twinkling stars.
*cough cough cough*...*blueak*...pukes blood...*cough cough cough*


they usually have very very nice eyes... yesterday I walked past a couple like this, I could only see her eyes... and just looking at that... like wow.

no wonder they're all covered up.


vincent, aiyoooo.....pls take care of ur health..................

Oh, sunshine...
...please do take care of that cough.

I trust the British air and your immunity enough to reckon that you're not an open TB case. :p


Are you turning soft on us?

i love to be sick cos i can lay down in bed all day long and do nothing....

okay this clearly isnt wht i expected =/



Hence, the puking of blood.....


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