Friday, August 19, 2005

good advice

I know I was supposed to give you the answer to yesterday's riddle, but that involved some heavy duty drawing (with the ever so powerful software called Microsoft Paint). I was supposed to do that just now, but I decided to go watch a movie.

When the movie finished about 1230am, we stepped out of the cinema only to find it raining. And it was not the usual piss rain that we usually get here in Britian. This was 'full scale, all guns blasting' rain. And so, we walked back home in the rain, relishing every single moment of it. Just when we were in the process of getting soaked to the bone, a container truck decides to pass by and speed up the shirt soaking process by transferring all that lovely mud water from the roadside on to my white shirt and pants with all of its 10 wheels.

Interestingly, that was the first time I actually screamed out loud in a public place, which was not very sensible considering that the truck is an inanimate object. And I also doubt that the driver, even if he had heard me, would even understand what Machauhai, Tiuniaseng, and Pooookima means.

So anyway, as you would guess it, after getting back, I wasn't quite in the mood to draw some inane (but cool) pictures of women in burkas. But anyway, since I watched 'Wedding Crashers', I decided to give all you little kids out there some good advice. Its actually the same advice I recently gave one of my friends (whom we shall now bestow upon the name of 'InsecureCow').

In Wedding Crashers, the two guys took advantage of the fact that a lot of women were feeling vulnerable and maybe a tad jealous at weddings, thus they found it extremely easy to get those women into bed. (for more information and background reading behind this theory, please read my awesome article about it)

Ok, now InsecureCow was having issues with her love life. There were these three guys at work in her project team that she worked with everyday. (Because of the confidentiality policy of this blog, these three guys shall now be given the unimaginative names of A, B and C). So recently InsecureCow, in her everyday dealings began to get a little interested in all of them. Yes...ALL.

In A, the project leader, she got turned on by his strong leadership (she's a bit of the submissive type I reckon - would make a good SM partner). In B, she was attracted to his charming boyish looks and in C, she loved the bad-boy image that he portrayed. Her question for me : "Which guy should I pick?"

I gave her what probably ranks as the best advice I had ever given anybody:

Get a grip. You're not in love with any of them. You're in love with the concept of having a boyfriend. It's an awesome image, I know. That's why you are so in love with that image.

Two weeks after hearing my wisdomous words and agreeing with it, she hooked up with B.

I just love it when people take heed of my wisdom.


I'm still impressed at how some people can just go out there and get a bf just like *snap*

I agree with Kim... its rather amazing how one 'SNAP' and you get boyfriend.
Somemore got time to make a choice.


I feel like killing every couple i passed by , they are fake , they are not serious , they are making me ANGRY !! ARGH !!!!!!

yungjie : Whoah. I sense much anger in you. Like chaboh only. Wahahahaa...nola. That's not what I meant

vincent, i can have 2 bfs same time becos i got 2 holes....do u want them?

i don't care about boyfriends. i want the answer to yesterday's riddle!

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