Thursday, August 18, 2005

how to behave in airports - arrivals

I picked up my family from Heathrow airport last month when they came over to visit me. As I stood with the rest of the crowd behind the barriers, waiting for them to emerge from the arrival gates, I noticed a lot of things that had always bugged me.

You see those 'No Entry' signs hanging there? It means you're not supposed to enter that area to wait there. But usually, parents let their stupid kids roam around that area usually waiting for their mum or dad to come out of those gates. Sometimes, the grown-ups even join their kids as they wait for their spouse to arrive.

I saw many such incidences like that while I was waiting, but since I did not have my camera on me at that time, here is an awesome recreation of how the scene looked like :

Ok, cool. We have a loving family that paints a touching picture. Husband goes away on a long business trip....When he returns, the faithful wife and his loving kids go to the airport to welcome him home. What's wrong with that?

Well, those 'no-entry' signs are there for a reason. It's so that you don't block the damn exit. When you stand in the middle of the corridor, and start hugging and kissing your spouse, and when each of your four goddamn kids do the same, you block everybody behind you and cause a traffic jam. It's not just you who is excited to greet your loved ones. Everybody exiting from the airport wants to go somewhere.

Moral of the story : Be considerate. By causing a traffic jam, you are holding up other people who also can't wait to get home to their loved ones.

Oh yeah.....while waiting for my family, a plane from an Arabian country had just landed. As you would guess it, pretty soon loads of women in their full body black burkas were wheeling their trollies out.

Here's something for you to think about :

There was this group of three women in burkas travelling together. They were of around the same height and same body size. There was only one trolley, pushed by the one in the middle, and all three bags were on that trolley. There were three guys waiting for them, all their husbands, I expect. When the guys saw them, they went over to hug/greet them. But how did they know who was who under the burkas?

*answer in tomorrow's post*

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I have never take a plane before, have to take bus....

Your drawing is a masterpiece , Pizarro will be crying when he sees it . :D~~~

good question

yungjie : Of course. I AM TEH PWN!

andy : Yes I know. Care to humour me with a good answer?


Actually, they didn't know who was who. They just want to hug, so they hug lor. Hug first and then sort it out later mah. You get to hug a lot of women that way!

Lol,what a good question.Well maybe they asked their wives to put some sort of perfume indicating who is who.Or they're just all horny wanks wanting to hug a woman since they didn't have sex for a long time(but they could have gotten sex even if the wives weren't there anyways)

They are all intermarried... "Cos my wife is your wife and your wife is my wife. The more we get together the merrier we'll be."

fuck 1st ask later

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