Monday, August 08, 2005

a human i would torture

I had a nice post that I was going to put up, you know, something funny that would distract people from my psychotic rage shown over the last 3 posts. But something came up, so screw it......this is a BitchingLOG anyway.

I was playing basketball this afternoon and I successfully busted my ankle, to the point where an 87 year old grandmother with crooked bones could walk faster than myself. Quite a fucked up injury if you ask me.. I did play a bit of squash for the last few months, but the last time I played a serious game was way back in December where I played some futsal and ended up busting my ankle.

Sports injuries are a bitch because you have to sit out while watching your friends have fun. Its nothing new for me actually. I used to play a shit load of sports before my injuries. When I was in school, from Standard 4 right up to Form 5, I used to play football everyday after school for one hour. Ever since Standard 4, I played with the same group of people. Some other kids would occasionally join in the game and we would of course let them join the fun.

One fine day when I was in Form 5, one newbie wanted to join the fun and play with us. There is not a thing that I will forget about that asshole. His name was Vincent (not me, but a disgrace to the name if you ask me). I still remember the bastard's face as if he had just passed me on the street just now. Bespectacled kid, scruffy hair and seriously bad teeth. He sucked at football. After a while, and not being able to grab the ball, he got pissed offed and started sliding at people to try to win the ball.

Sliding tackles are a big no-no in playground football. They are extremely dangerous if executed wrongly. Even professionals mistime sliding tackles all the time. In all my years playing football, I have NEVER EVER slide tackled anybody because it is something that if not exceuted properly can cause an injury, not to yourself, but to someone else.

So, as you would guess it, I was on the ball and had passed it when out of nowhere, this bastard came along and mowed me down with both his feet. If he did exactly the same thing in a fighting ring, it would have been called a perfectly executed flying kick at BOTH my ankles.

I didn't walk for a week.

For 2 years, everytime I wanted to run, I had to wear an ankle guard. Failing to do that would result in severe muscle strain and I would be limping for days. Now, everytime I play a game, I have to warm up like crazy, like a professional, or I would strain my muscles again. It seems that now, after the last injury in December, my ankle is quite badly screwed. No more sports for another half a year, I guess.....

All because of a fucking stupid kid who couldn't play ball. I swear, if I saw that guy on the streets (and trust me, I will recognise the fucker's face - I see it everytime I get an injury) I would do something that I should have done on the spot that faithful day. For starters, a punch to the jaw to remove some of those bad teeth. After that, I could fulfil my lifelong curiosity of wondering what a shattering knee cap sounds like.....


good luck with that dude!
and do tell us how the sounds was..


Seriously , I am now praying for you so you can meet up with that fucker and beat him up . :D

profanities, vincent, watch 'em profanities... *SMACK SMACK!*

When you do find that moron, call all of us up. Oh, and get me ringside seats too will you? Hehe.

been there.. done that. I've been feeling aggressive lately, so point that guy out and I will get some kuwak-chais.....

*me beat up vincent's dui fong head with my big umbrella*


Welcome to the club of Chronically-Torn-Ligament owners. :p

Ever tried Chinese medicine?
I swear, it works miracles.


hehe...hate injuries

but to tell you the truth...i am like that as well...god knows how times i have elbowed and kneed someone nicely---stuff the referee doesnt ever see or catch...


yungjie : Nola, I am quite a peaceful person actually.

minishorts : I can use profanities...I am not that femes. Hahahaah..

raksha : No ringside seats. Just roadside ones, in some dark alley.

lyn : Haha...kuwak chai. I haven't heard that term in a long time

anonymous : I banana ok. I have no idea what dui fong is.

maggie : Like what? Crushed up cockroaches and stuffs. You know, this is weird. Its the first time I hear of a doctor (I consider you one la) trained in Western medicine actually supporting the Chinese stuffs. Most of them docs just say its crap.

andy : I think you know him. Your year one the fella. Elbow is ok. As long as you don't flying kick them.


Andy, which other 'vincent' in our year was an asshole??? HAHAHAHA... I think I know who busted Mr. Lau's ankles... hehehe

OMFG...that fucktard...lol...i'm behind you all the way...

ohoho, do a roy keane and aim a kick at his knee! or do a gerrard and aim for his calves with studs showing! or better yet, do a cantona and give him a flying kick!

Really? I think there are actually a few of us whom are quite open to Chinese medicine as an alternative, you know...

...I don't support everything, though...

...but I do believe that they're a whole lot better when it comes to treating sprains and pain.
But only if you get a qualified doctor (as in one who actually graduated with a medical degree from China and not some roadside peddler that will probably f*ck your ankle up even more with his over enthusiastic massaging).

Let's just say that when the Western orthopaedic doctors said, "I'm sorry. We'll put it in a bandage / cast, but she'll never be able to do heavy exercise with that ankle again," Chinese medicine strengthened it enough for me to join the army!


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