Sunday, August 07, 2005


It has been pointed out to me by a fair number of people that my act of torturing the bee (I have since been advised that it is a wasp, and not a bee) was crazy, evil, sadistic and indespicable. Some of my friends even took the trouble to message me on MSN to tell me that. I am also sure that many people thought so too, but didn't comment on it. Well, I agree that it was crazy, evil, sadistic and indespicable. But I also think that the bee was crazy, evil, sadistic and indespicable.

How's that?

My argument is plain and simple.

You see Godzilla trashing around the city. He just killed Ultraman. Civilians are defenseless against that mutated lizard scum. He accidentally steps in your house. I say accidentally because, well, he is Godzilla and he is huge and clumsy. He can't seem to place his foot anywhere without stepping on some poor soul's house. That poor soul is you.

Do you :

1) Get the fuck away as fast as you can
2) Run up to him, jump on his leg like you mount a hot chickhorse, and punch him in the leg

Then some of you proceeded to tell me that the little bugger was a bee. It wouldn't have the logic to know not to mess with a creature a million times larger than himself. Or so you claim.

But I digress......

It doesn't need logic. It doesn't need a huge brain. It already has what all living creatures have - instinct. Every living creature knows that you do not fuck around with something else larger than yourself, especially if that thing is MUCH MUCH larger than yourself. Its an instinct they use for survival.

When I was a little kid, I was even more evil (I am not as evil now). I used to go around the garden looking for ants and burning them with a joss stick (I don't do that now). As soon as you burn the first ant, the other ants run like hell. The don't try to be heroes trying to bite me. They just run like crazy.

Same thing here.

Its not about the brains or the logic the bee has. It was just being kuailan. And I was being, well, me.


i perfectly think that it's ok to torture that wasp/bee/whatever. he trespassed into your room and assaulted you. if a bangla were to do that, i'm very sure everyone would have done the same ... trash that motherfucker up.

its just 1 fucking bee... when it died it probably wasnt even noticed missing by its colony...

burning ants with a joss stick is classic.......
just imagine the religious blasphemy.....


michael : Yups, its the same with a mosquito. I don't know anybody who hasn't killed a mosquito before.

keng : He got cast out of his colony

lyn : My neighbour once used a joss stick to light a stick of fireworks which accidentally shot at an altar. Now THAT is blasphemy.


oh come on, a bee won't even know what's a property, not to mention trespassing one.as for the assault, it probably think you're trying to kill it when you get in the bed. bee has no sense whatsoever. what you do is like bullying someone retarded and claim that he took the first move. seriously, it will be much better to spend your time and energy to other things that deserve more attention.

Yups, you are right. I should spend my time and energy doing other things that deserve more attention, like commenting anonymously on other people's blogs.

vincent , ROFTLMAO on the above comment..

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