Monday, August 15, 2005

king of crap

An old Malaysian legend has it that studying medicine is pretigeous and elitist. As a result, I seem to know a lot of medical students. Personally, I hate biology and hence ruling me out of ever being a good doctor. However, there are some stuffs which I find interesting about the field of medicine and take it upon myself to do some self-study into that matter.

For instance, when it comes to dispensing drugs, my parents for some reason seem to know a shit load about what medicine you should take for what illness. As a result, some of that knowledge gets passed on to me. Also, since I love that fine drink called alcohol, I can also tell you how alcohol affects your body (better than most doctors can, I believe).

Anyway, as you would already know, I like annoying people. My friend Maggie was studying for her upcoming Pharmacology exams when I decided to have fun and ask her to ask me about some medicines. Somehow, she ended up explaining to me how Viagra works. I reciprocrated by drawing some detailed (and awesome) pictures of an engineering invention of mine which you MUST see.

Anyway, that reminded me of a time when one of my medic friends was busy with an assignment and I was bugging her on ICQ. She was having problems sourcing information on that topic, so I offered to help. She told me to bugger off because it was was beyond my scope. I told her that her first year med school was easy peanuts.

So, she told me the topic of her assignment - to investigate the causes of MI.

Aaah, MI.......

So, I humoured her.

MI, I said, is the effect of blood sugar levels becoming too high in your blood, causing the Amoxylic acids to rise. The liver, sensing this imbalance releases endorphines and adrenaline to counter that effect. However, for people with an acute iron deficiency, this leads to 'hyperactive' behaviour. Prolonged 'hyperactivity' without treatment causes liver and kidney failure, leading to MI.

My friend's reaction wasn't that of a happy person. I was berated upon for spewing such nonsense, much to my amusement actually, because if I were in her shoes, I would have at least spared myself a laugh or so..

Much later only did I find out that MI stands for myocardial infraction, more commonly known as a heart attack.


*ketawa ketawa ketawa sehingga jatuh dari kerusi*

Some medical student with enough balls (and maybe a few easy going lectures) should reproduce this for an answer some day-lar...

(And although we have no amoxlic acid in the body, there's amoxycillin the antibiotic! *kekekekeke*)

[BTW, I wasn't studying for Pharmac-lar...
...I'd just finished my Pharmac paper. :p]


One nice big paragraph of unrelated bullshit. =D hahahaha

The reproductive topic is the only topic that kept me alive during biology lesson in form 5 .

maggie : That trumps all your explainations!

keng : Its not bullshit, its just wrong stuffs only

yungjie : What? Didn't you already know everything about it even before they taught it?


Form 3 ? Urgh , that's too little . :(

No, I mean from your self study sessions in front of your computer, with a tissue box by your side

vincent, ur making my stomach burst with laughing from ur above comments..hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Almost right. So close. But about conditions other than MI:

Before and during a race, the adrenal gland produces adrenalin, which results in a feeling/state of excitement (the so-called "fight-or-flight" response). And whilst the runners are exerting themselves, the Pituitary Gland releases endorphins. These produce the well-known "runners' high" phenomenon.

Insufficient oxygen with which to metabolise glucose aerobically leads to a rise in lactic acid from anaerobic metabolism. The build-up of lactic acid produces what is known as colloquially known as "muscle cramps".

Iron, of which there is a large store in the liver, is required for oxygen carriage in the blood. A deficiency of this mineral predisposes towards underactivity.


yuenli : Dude, I've read your comment 3 times over, but I still don't geddit. Now you know why medicine is not my thing.

What don't u get, Vincent? I thought it was a pretty good explanation of all the stuff that you wrote! ;)

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