Thursday, August 11, 2005

a lesson in forgiving people

Faith : It's pathetic to feel good about making someone feel bad.
Faith : That's like the lowest kind of wanking ever
Faith : Its like... you know
Faith : When you give someone a blowjob, you make someone happy
Faith : You become happy
Faith : But when you bash someone up and give him a black eye... takkan you feel happy
Faith : That's like so damn low, right
Vincent : Its just paria laa
Vincent : There's no way to justify it
Vincent : Somethings are so ultimately fucked up you cant make sense out of it
So the story goes....my friend Faith got backstabbed by some asshole. She was pretty upset, and rightly so. If I were in her shoes, I would stop at nothing till I get to taste that bastard's blood on my tongue. Come to think of it, I am quite dangerous. I mean, like...I tortured a bee because it was stupid. I also thought of breaking somebody's kneecaps because of something he did 5 years ago that 'crippled me'.

But anyway, Faith, being a goody girl and a staunch Christian (who incidentally just gave me a copy of the Satanic bible for my reading pleasure) had a different take to all that.
Faith : Dunno don't want to get all gospel.
Faith : But times like this I understand why jesus said, 'forgive them father, they do not know.'
Vincent : Yeah.........
Vincent : Or just forgive them, for they have no brains
Faith even went on to provide me with the actual excerpt from the Bible :
Luke 23:24 'Then said Jesus, 'Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.'

So things were looking good. Faith wasn't too upset already. Assholes forgiven and everything...it was a happy day...Sun shinning brightly, birds chirping....(only that you guys can't really see the sun because of the haze, and the birds are probably suffocating). Until, of course, she came up with the best anology of it :
Vincent : That time Jesus hanging on the cross
Vincent : Gonna die
Vincent : Got no power to forgive ppl
Faith : Yeah...
Faith : Now that I'm looking at it
Faith : He went 'forgive them father, they do not know'
Faith : Actualy its not he forgive, he ask his father to forgive...you think he bodoh ah...these kinda people also want to forgive meh?
And so, we learn a new lesson today : If somebody fucked you over, it is in your full right to retaliate and take your revenge. Leave the forgiving part up to God.


Hey she's one cool christian , can you scan the satanic bible and email to me ? :D~~~~


Lol,that just makes so much sense.Let's all be a Cristian.

wah i wanna convert liao

Yeah, lets all be good and forgiving people.

urm. but anyway we should still all strive to be like Christ. Just that days like this, it's getting A LOT harder to be like christ.

Yea , like to be SM-ed by the romans ? :D~~~~

Damn passionate . XD


yungjie: that was uncalled for.

he doesn't even have to be 'jesus christ' to deserve a jab like that.

while many christians are going overboard with all the evangelical knowhow, anti-evangelists can also get vicious with uncalled for jabs.


There is a concept called the Trinity. Faith is remarkably Theologically unsound as being a staunch Christian she should have known.

But fuck it..

If someone backstab you knn... fuck him over and burn his family to hell.


ahahahahha. good one. the post i mean.

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