Thursday, August 11, 2005

so wrong

This, taken off the blog of a friend who is in Form 5 (without permission, but who cares, eh?)

I am surprised he aimed at ONLY 95%. Where's your ambition dude? You need to aim for the sky to break that meagre 17A's record!

At the rate things are going, I am going to have a field day next year when the SPM results are out.

Sidenote to dude : You'se gots to chill man..you'se just gots to.


vincent, i fully 100% agree with you....intelligent/smart do not guarantee u million or success...
the best is, ofcos, are having millionaire parents...


That's why I always criticise those straight As dickhead , no matter where they go . They are second to 2002 Korea world cup squad on my hate list .

ahlian : Err, not quite what I meant...but...

yungjie : Oooooh I LOVE those Korean buggers. They made me loads of money!


i can't believe u still read that buggers blog...

man, I'm embarrassed he's got the same blog template as mine.....

i know a typical straight A's dickhead who kena sponsored by JPA but who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'TACT' not at all.

memalukan negara saja.


i hate fucks like this..

them lil bitches who run around class after get results asking other ppl what they got..

and when ppl ask them back.. they go all.. "aiyah not so good leh... only 100%"..



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