Friday, August 05, 2005

suffer, you asshole

*gruesome post....animal lovers - fuck off and don't bitch*

After typing the previous article, I prepared to go to bed. It is a pretty warm night, so I decided to open the windows. Off to brush my teeth, and when I came back to my room, I switched off the light and jumped into bed.

Immediately, I jumped back up in pain because something just stabbed a burning needle into my leg. In a split second reflex reaction, I grabbed whatever it was and threw it on the ground. Still hopping around in pain, I reached for the lights and found a bee buzzing around on the floor, seemingly injured. It must have gotten injured when I grabbed it off my leg. I was about to reach for my book and smash it into pulp, when I had a better idea.

Still smarting from the pain, I picked up the little asshole and placed him on my table. Killing him would be too easy an escape from punishment. I would leave him there suffering in pain while I checked my wound. Powering up google, I searched for first aid on treating bee stings.

Remove the sting, it said.

Sting? What sting? I don't see any sting. I check the bee's ass. Nope, don't see any sting there either. The guide also told me to apply some stuffs like meat tenderiser and water mix (?!!?) Well, I don't have any meat tenderiser lying around, so I guess I'll have to bear with the pain.

Back to the little bastard. It was, like all scum insect are when they are helpless.....fixed in one spot moving their legs around like as though to tell you that they are in pain. Guess what, asshole? Feel my pain!

I decide that death is too easy for him, and torture is good. He did, afterall manage to postpone my sleep. So....being a sadistic evil fuck, I ripped off one of his wings and watch him squirm like crazy. Then, I grabbed my scissors and cut off one small part of his antenna, but he didn't squirm that time....so I learnt a new lesson - there aren't any pain receptors in a bee's antenna.

See that little black thing near the severed wing? That's part of the antenna.

At the moment, he is still squirming around as I type this. I won't kill him. Maybe when I wake up, and if I am in a good mood, I'll end his misery....

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that's a paper cut out you faker!

bees usually die when they sting you don't they? the sting from their ass breaks off and stays in ur flesh, pumping in the venom... then the bee dies due to loss of its ass component...

fuckstress : You ever got a papercut before??

keng : Yes, that is what I heard......but I assure you, that fucker was alive and kicking.


just imagine yourself as the bee, that's what i have to say.

If I was the bee, I would have more sense than to pick a fight with someone a million times larger than me when he didn't disturb me at all.

Don't try to make me feel guilty...I can still feel the sting.


Don't try to make me feel guilty...I can still feel the sting.

Ditto , I love torturing insect anyway . I still remember one night when the electric in my residential area was cut out , I so desperate to have something to do by burning mosquitoes and houseflies . :D


I got stung by one once...bastard thingy rendered my left arm useless for a day...


dude, use a needle to impale it's ass !! Let the fucker feel the sting back !!

yungjie : I used to burn ants with a joss stick when I was young.

andy : You pussy. Its painful, but not that painful.

michael : The bastard died by the time I woke up.



erm, it's actually a wasp. that was why u didn't see the sting in or toe... bees die right after they sting u, because the would disengage themselves with the sting and their innards would get stuck on it. but it still pumps venom...

anyway, i nv had the chance to really see a real wasp, or any1's experience frm a sting, nice 1~


yes,that is a wasp. a yellow jacket. their sting can be more painful than a bee's, and unlike a bee's sting, they can jab you multiple times. he must have really liked you.

...what a cute little guy.


i aint no pussy...

If I was the bee, I would have more sense than to pick a fight with someone a million times larger than me when he didn't disturb me at all.

You do realize that a bee/wasp/whatever has little to no sense in decision making.. just so you know..


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