Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I just got back from Brussels, where I spent most of my money eating. Belgium is famous for waffles, chocolates and beer. Neuhaus chocolates can cost as much as 1.30 euro for ONE bite size piece (depending on the weight). There are also more than 800 types of beer in that awesome place. I had my first taste of SWEET beer and another type which had a 9.5% alcohol content (usual content is 5%).

*Note to self (and anybody else who cares to listen) : Do not compare Brussels with KL.

I am tired........and I don't write great travel logs anyway, so I'll just leave you guys with a small reminder to BLOG IN BAHASA MALAYSIA tomorrow!

Here's a little teaser for tomorrow:

Apa erti merdeka? Sebenarnya, saya tidak tahu. Sudah banyak yang dikatakan tentang semangat patriotik warganegara Malaysia. Akan tetapi, ..........

aku pun akan belog dalam BM walaupun BM aku sangat teruk

i hate chocolates becos it makes me got swollen face for week, i preferr ice-cream, i dun mind abt the fatness, i just scare lay down in bed for a bypass..........

ingat. nanti pukul dua belas mesti belog untuk hari merdeka!!


yo. i've been busy so i haven't been surfing for leisure for awhile now.

but now that i'm here again, i noticed ur blog layout still abit messy on mozila 1.0.4.

just thought i'd let u know.

btw, 19prof beer? wow. must taste horrid. =P


lyn : Saya masih menunggu belog anda.

metal : 9.5% la. Not 19. It tastes awesome. Yes I know my blog layout is messed up. Lazy to fix it.


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