Tuesday, August 02, 2005

whatever floats your boat

A friend of mine seems a bit gutted that he found some porn in his brother's room. Gay porn, to be precise. Because of his snooping around and subsequent discovery, he came to a conclusion that his brother is gay.

I haven't had the chance to talk to him, but upon discussion with a couple of our friends, we came up with a few justifications for all that gay porn. Basically, every other dude gets his lollies by watching different stuffs. I don't think porn watched by a certain dude reflects his real life preference. That's because porn is just an imagination, a fantasy that never happens.

Its like if a guy watches lesbian porn................sure as hell doesn't make him a lesbian. I also know a bloke who used to buy animal porn (disgusting as it may sound) but I don't think he went around screwing his Great Dane after that.

Basically, when it comes to these kinda stuffs.....whatever floats your boat la...

So dude, I know you are reading this.........chill la, he might not be gay after all.

*On a sidenote, I'll slap the next guy who tells me that gay people were 'born that way'


my brother wasn't born that way, and it was just made official by his declaration at dinner just about 4 hours ago...

so period, my brother is gay, it came from his mouth, and we're meeting his gay lover this saturday for dinner, nuff said


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