Wednesday, August 10, 2005

wish upon a shooting star

My friend Kim blogged about her first ever sighting of a shooting star yesterday. Girls, being girls, she got all excited about it. Not because it was possibly a lump of rock embedded with some iron oxide (and possibly some alien fossils as well), but because of the awesome wonder of a star, streaking across the naked sky. I suppose it would be fair to grant her that awe of a childish wonder, a shooting star with all its romantisism.

I was in a playful (read : evil) mood this morning when I had a chat with her on MSN :

Vincent : Hate to dissapoint you, but its probably the NASA shuttle
Vincent : Hahaha
Kimi : Can see from UK meh???
Vincent : They are circling the earth before landing
Kimi : Can't be that much of a coincidence...can it?
Vincent : It MIGHT be a star la
Vincent : If your wish comes true then its a star la
Vincent : Otherwise its just a bunch of yanks
Kimi : I didn't really make a wish
Vincent : Oh so then its a bunch of yanks
Kimi : ....
Kimi : Thank you for ruining the moment....... you arh!!!
Vincent : Glad to be of service
Kimi : *grumble grumble grumble
Kimi : Men...
Kimi : Or it's probably only just you
Vincent : Its just me
Vincent : Nobody else would have thought of it
Kimi : Bleah, so it's the NASA shuttle
Vincent : Hhaha
Vincent: You could still vehemently deny it and say that its a star
Kimi : I think I will
Kimi : C'mon....a meteorite sounds so much nicer than a space shuttle
Kimi : And it's my first!!!
Vincent : Think of it this way...lots of ppl see shooting stars
Vincent : You just saw 7 yanks in space
Vincent : 7 ugly yanks
Vincent : Oh, no wait
Vincent : I just checked CNN
Vincent : Its actually 5 Yanks, an Aussie and a Jap
Vincent : One hell of an awesome star, don't you think?
Kimi : .......

Just so you know, I am actually quite evil. I once told my 4 year old cousin that eating too many sweets would make him as fat as Santa. I told him that if you were as fat as Santa, you won't get any presents for Xmas. As a result, he is probably the only kid of that generation not to have ever tasted Nano Nano sweets.


You're EVIL, do you know that...

Wait a minute, I think I told you that online as well...

Thank goodness you weren't around when I saw my first shooting star - and it was a shooting star!


You sure it wasn't Superman or something?

UFO... hehehe.. looking for dumb humans who look at it, for abduction.. bwhahahaha

Lol,how true how true...
Being Evil is nice and beautiful...


When you wish upon a star, it comes true.

When you wish upon 7 ugly yanks, Malcom Glazer comes around...



Oh gee whiz... Heheh

Ee-veel... ee-veel....


Swamp gas...

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