Monday, September 26, 2005

educational chat

Since I am a very wisdomous person, I tend to spread my knowledge to all boundries of the Earth. Also, since I am a very generous person, I shall share some of that knowledge with you guys from my chat with some people (reconstructed from memory).

Now, because apparently a lot of my friends and my friends' friends read my blog (a lot more than I knew off) I have to protect the innocent name of my friends. So, from now on....the girls will be known as Tweety and the guys shall be known as Slyvester.

Tweety : Eh my back pain la.

Vincent : Oh...when I was in school, my Moral teacher said that people who masturbate a lot get backahes.

Tweety : WTF??

Vincent : Yeah, I figured it has something to do with the posture when you do it. Not good for the back.

Tweety : Fuck...That's for guys la.

Vincent : Depends la. If you use Rampant Rabbit then can be hands free. Otherwise need fingers also. Stretching is definately back for the bad posture.

(on another day...different Tweety)

Tweety : OMG....you know that Slyvester. He's sooo damn nice ok.

Vincent : Now now dear. How many times do you want me to tell you that there is NO SUCH THING as a nice guy?

Tweety : Nola. This one is different. He is really nice. He does a lot of stuffs for me.

Vincent : Oh yeah? Like what?

Tweety : Like that day he *censored because Slyvester reads this blog*

Vincent : OMFG!

Tweety : Yeah. Nice guy rite?

Vincent : Dear, there is a big difference between a nice guy and a spineless, no-balls, spoil-the-market dumbass.

Tweety : Does it even matter if the guy is willing to do all those stuffs?

Vincent : Dear, NO ONE is willing to do all those stuffs. One day, he'll get bored of it.

This community service message was brought to you by Vincent Lau, author of the critically acclaimed B*tchingLOG...not a weBLOG.


oey... what did that guy saY!!!!

Damn... I wanna know!

me too -_-

no such thing as nice = true that. alwayys a prawn behind the rock. always.

I am curious too! What stuff guys do can make em appear spineless..?

Actually spineless guys are spoiling their chances with other chicks later. Coz when you see a guy acting like that over another girl. And then later he tries to go after you. Damn potong stim.Coz you know its like, some other girl's lost puppy.

I usually have a tendency to choke or ram those "spineless guys" with my cars . These selfish freaks are the group that giving me hard time to score chicks .


masturbation eck!

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