Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the experiment preview

I have just finished the first batch of experiments, complete with pictures and some VERY interesting findings. Because picture posts take an awfully long time to complete, just wait a while and entertain yourself with this preview...

Fancy a cuppa' tea?

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Please don't tell me that's a tampon in the mug with water.

ok..I won't tell you anything.

you are disgusting.

please tell me u drank it, vincent

I am tempted to throw in every single suggestion I can think of in hopes of guessing the whole thing and ruining it for you.. Hehe.

minishorts : I KNOW! How cool is that?

ky : Nope I emptied it into my housemate's fish tank.

kim : Humour me la. Everybody knows what happened already.


i half expected it to expand bigger...

..and that is how you make your teh tarik sweeter

sweelin: how come it doesn't work that way for girls then? :p

I'll never look at tampons the same way again.

ppssttt.... I prefer o.b. tampons though ... that looks like the tampax u bought and dragged out of the applicator.

all together now ....EEEWWW!


keng : It is big. You can't see only.

sweelin : I can contribute the rest of the packet to you if you want...so you can put it in your tea.

agjunkie : you'll never look at tampons the same way? How about teabags then?


muahahaha wtf.. haha lucky em not a teabags fan.. or els how on earth em i going to have tea again...

coffee is good... ^.^


haha what next?
test to see if the pads you bought soaks up the extra oil while cooking mee goreng?


O M G....



hmm. at first glance it reminded me of some prehistoric extinct species whose existence was determined by fossils.

Or a drowned lab rat.

either way, i don't think i'll be converting to tampons soon because before 'application', i'd get flashbacks of this blog. and the name vincent.

damn, that would be an awkward situation. *toss tampon*


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