Friday, September 16, 2005

five and seven

Today is meme day. Actually, I still have no goddamn blinking idea what the hell a meme is. I am guessing that it is something you keep passing on and on since everybody seems to use that term. I actually got tagged by Kimberlycun and Minishorts in two different tags, but hey, I feel like combining these two memes. That's partly because memes are irritating. They are handy on days like this where I am lazy to blog about anything else, and to be honest, memes don't require much brains.

Five weird habits that I have

Now, weird usually means disgusting or plain whack. Contrary to popular belief, I am quite a normal bloke. And normal people do tend to have eccentricities that everybody else finds....weird.

1) I don't waste chewing gum
Gum is your friend. It helps fight tooth decay. It also keeps an itchy mouth busy. I have a very itchy mouth that would otherwise be spent eating if it weren't for chewing gum. I can safely say that chewing gum is nice and rubbery after chewing it for a damn long time. How long?

More than 6 hours. That is when it reaches its ideal texture. Everybody should aim for that amount of time when chewing gum. Of course, 6 hours is a long time. What happens if I want to eat something in between that? Or catch a nap? No worries. Take out chewing gum. Place on plate. Go about your business. Come back later and enjoy.

2) I tend to leave the bathroom door open
Whether it's to wee wee, to pangsai, or to shower, I like leaving the bathroom door open. It helps that I am alone most of the time, or because I had a bathroom in my room every single year of my life (except one year). And since I have been alone in this house for the last couple of months, I have never shut the bathroom door in that time. Cool habit, right?

3) I don't like mugs
No, not mugs as in people who are mugs. I mean...mugs as in cups. I don't like drinking water out of mugs. I prefer water bottles. Next to my notebook is a bottle of water. Not a mug of filled with water. No, sir. Mugs are only used to drink hot Milo.

4) I walk funny
No, not all the time. Sometimes, I walk funny to avoid imaginary things. Like when I see those white or yellow lines by the side of the road, I NEVER step on them. This was because when I was small, I imagined them to be lasers. Also, when walking on floors with mosaic tiles, I will step akwardly so that I wouldn't step on a particular coloured tile. This is so that the tile doesn't open up and swallow me into the deep chasm somewhere underground.

5) I cut trash before throwing it
I don't like wasting space. I tend to shred papers into half before throwing them into bins. I NEVER squash papers into a ball. When I throw away my Pringles containers, I usually cut them up into smaller pieces before putting them into a plastic bag.

All true stories you know...

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Have more money than Uncle Lim
2. Climb Gunung Tahan (couldn't be bothered to climb anything harder than that)
3. Own a Mercedes Mclaren road car
4. Organise an orgy where everybody besides me are horny blonde chicks
5. Get around in a helicopter and taunt all the idiots stuck in the jam
6. Read EVERY single religious scripture there is so I can PWN idiots who shove their religion down everybody's throat.
7. Shoot a gun

Seven things I could do:
1. Be nicer to idiots
2. Accept morons for all their flaws
3. Sleep less
4. Eat more vegetables
5. Tell everybody that Discovery Channel's 'Mythbusters' is an awesome show
6. Be nicer to idiots
7. Accept morons for all their flaws

Seven Celebrity crushes:
1. Anna Kournikova
2. Meg Ryan
3. Olsen Twins (no wise ass comments please)
4. Kate Beckinsale
5. Laetitia Casta
6. Leelee Sobieski
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Seven often repeated words:
1. awesome stuffs
2. this
3. a
4. damn
5. fucking
6. stupid
7. question

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex: (quite a stupid question, considering that SEVEN is a lot of body parts involved)
1. Long chin
2. Long curly hair (not the maggie mee type)
3. Long fingers
4. Long legs
5. Long small intestines (so she can eat more)
6. Long nose (not like Pinocchio though)
7. Long Big boobs (doh)

Now, this is where I have to spread the disease that is this meme. From the first section, I was supposed to spread it to five people. From the second section, seven people. And since seven minus five equals two, I only need to pass this to two people.

Clever, hor?

I choose to tag Tilia because she seems very angry recently and Elaine because she's gotta learn that Paris Hilton is a damn nice girl who shouldn't be hated by everybody.


Go to a shooting range mate. Pay a bit of money, and shoot :D

And I have that weird walking habit too :P I think it helps your balance so that when cops ask you to walk a straight line to see if you're drunk you can easily do it.


do u got long peepee?

it's hard to shoot a gun u know..

usually we use the gun to shoot at a target instead. a gun is a very small target to shoot at.. plus, u'll need 2 guns, one to shoot at, the other one to shoot with..

why the trouble vincent? why?


Mythbusters rule !!!!! But I prefer shotgun to pistol though , or maybe SMG . :P~~~

I where got angry...I'm so cheerful nowadays..haha..PMSla..haha...k k..I shall do your meme tonight..

avatar : What..you know of any shooting range in Malaysia??

kimberly : I got long peepee.

ky : After I shoot your gun, then you know.

yungjie : Yes, Mythbusters rawk. Spread the joy.

tilia : Yeah...ooookaaayyyyy..


Why blonde?!

Et tu, Vince? You & Fuckstress both...YOU KNOW I F*CKING HATE MEMES!! YOU KNOW I CAN'T REFUSE YOU 2!! Cibai! Btw, I said I 'WUVED' Paris Hilton right? I said so in my post. Be more shallow and accept it by face value. Also, WTF has Paris Hilton gotta do with me getting tagged? *whacks!*

alynna : Brunette also can. But blonde sounds so much nicer. No redheads though.

raksha : Because Paris Hilton is blonde. Can't have people making fun of blondes. I need them for the orgy remember?


i look for tall guys 5'10 to 6'0 becos he will look good in black suits and have good skin, not hairy pls, if u meet the requirement, pls apply to me:D

ahlian ar, maybe you would have more luck trying matchmaker.com or msn personals or some shit like that.

Guys' shaved pubic is so teh eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Why not 5*7 = 35?

wah... you seem to like everything LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

where's the review update lahh?

i love Mythbusters!!!!

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