Monday, September 05, 2005

for the last time

I know that most of you don't give a shit. I know most of you don't have the slightest clue what is going on. I know that those who actually give a shit are actually bored sick of this. To be honest, so am I. But bear with me as I rant about this stupid stupid issue for the last time. I promise that tomorrow you get to read something ridiculously funny (probably one of the funniest things ever to be published on this awesome blog).

After we alighted we still didn't know where the damned street is, so we asked people. This Malay fucker just stared at me (in a rude manner) when I asked him politely! GOT SUCH PEOPLE OR NOT YOU TELL ME! If I got a pig with me I surely hit him with the pig.


V said that the Arabs were having some sort of holiday, and so KL was FILLED TO THE BRIM with them! Very funny. They are not hot meh? Even when eating they have to not let down the black mask.I was very amused by the Arabs smoking shisha. And oh oh! How they do swimming?

And you still wonder why people are pissed? It's not about what you say - it's how you say it. If you still don't think there is anything wrong with the above paragraphs (and the countless others written), then there is not much sense anybody can drill into you.

All we can hope is that one day, when you finally grow up, you would be blessed with the ability to respect other people, their way of life, and their religion.


Cool, cool, sunshine.

It always pays to be the bigger person.


Yep, lately whole KL filled with them. Kind tense when I board monorail with them ... mana tau ada bom ke ...
One of my friend who are in the fashion business told me that they are fucking rich and almost 40% of their biz are from those people ... so go figure la ..


you go, boy!

Forget abt my previous post ... just realise what you were trying to post ... fuck XX!

I think there's something wrong in the comments itself and the paragraphs of the post too.

inevitable : Er...yeah, ok.

dila : There are loads of things wrong with it.


Would ppl give this issue a rest already.


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