Monday, September 05, 2005

the great review, part 1

I pick up some groceries and junk food from Sainsburys, a local supermarket. I walk past an aisle, survey a few items, much to my confusion. I finally pick a couple of items and wheeled my trolley to the checkout counter.

The cashier, a young chap no older than myself looks at the items I layed out in front of him. He looks at the last two and lets loose a snigger. I calmly recite my well-rehearsed explaination. I have to...I intended to take a picture of him scanning the items. He bursts out laughing. The old lady behind me overhears my explaination and starts giggling as well.

"Good luck luv," she laughs.

Ok, you tell me la.....what could I have bought that made the guy laugh like that?

Feel free to flood my comments section with your guesses...

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can i have three guesses.

1. pregnancy test kit
2. condoms
3. bras


Not condoms, definitely.

Pregnancy test kit?? That's original!
Nice try, but no cigar.


sanitary napkins.
trashy novel

wait, let me check out sainsbury's later.


chocolate whip cream together with a pack of condom, you sick boy...

LOL! I asked for a guess, not for you to share your fantasy with us!

I know..
you bought pig's intestines.

saw it at sainsbury's just now haha!


lyn : Shit! If they sell it here I swear I am gonna buy it tomorrow! I haven't eaten those stuffs in a damn long time

hey~ do educate us on what applicator is...

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