Wednesday, September 14, 2005

the great review, part 4

Part 1 - Pilot
Part 2 - The Plot
Part 3 - The Tampax Review

The Kotex Review..

Ok, saying this is a Kotex review is very subjective. Apparently, Kotex manufactures pads, tampons and liners, amongst other things. So in case you didn't know, the picture you see above is a packet of sanitary pads.

Because of reasons to be mentioned later, this post is going to be mostly a guessing game. The information you read might not be entirely correct. Now, apparently, this is a pack of 'night-time' pads. I never knew there was a difference between 'night-time' and 'day-time' pads, but from the above paragraph on the reverse of the pack, I take it that these 'wings' (whatever the hell they are) are only for the 'night-time' pads.

This is the problem. I rip open the packet, and all I see are individually wrapped packets with some sort of floral patterns on them. I empty the whole packet looking for an instruction guide or some sort of brocheure like the Tampax box had, but to no avail. Apparently, there is nothing to guide me if I was a clueless 12 year old girl. Just great......I have to figure everything out for myself now.

I opened the packet to reveal a spongy like pad with more floral designs folded into three. First impression : Why the need for floral patterns? It's like coloured toilet paper. I don't use coloured toilet paper because I don't want any of the colouring to come out and stick to my bunghole. Similarly, if I were a woman I wouldn't want any flower pattern transfer onto the 'sensitive areas'.

Putting size into perspective..

The pad itself is quite long. I guess it stretches all the way from the front to the back. Until I find myself a wife, it will pretty much remain a guess. Flipping it over to the spongy side which I guess does all the soaking, I find an adhesive tape sticking to some flaps.

I tear open the wax paper to reveal a couple of side flaps which fold out. My best guess is that these flaps are the so called 'wings'.

I was actually confused as to what the 'wings' were for. Thanks to some brilliant deduction skills, I finally, after a lot of thinking, figured out how those wings worked. From the above picture, the adhesive on the wings are facing the table. That is where you can fold the wings around the bottom part of the panties and stick it to the outside of the panties. This I reckon, is for the extra strength needed to secure the pad to your panties when you sleep. You know, so it doesn't come loose when you toss and turn in your bed. Could make quite a mess, you know...

On the other side, I also discovered that the floral patterns from earlier are nothing more than a piece of wax paper used to cover the adhesive that runs through the whole pad. This is also to secure the pad to the panties.

Doesn't this remind you of a diaper?

All in all, I was quite dissapointed with this packet of Kotex I bought. I didn't learn as much as I did with the box of Tampax. No information on Toxic Shock Syndrome. No telling me how to use the pad. What if some idiot decides to use the pad the same way she would use a diaper? They do not even tell you how much blood one pad soaks up and I still don't know how often women change their pads (they change tampons every 4-8 hours).

I don't like Kotex.

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whisper better lah.

how you know?

Yep... Whisper better especially the panty liners. But I dun see them being sold in London or else where in Europe.

Just fyi, not only night-time pads have wings. The day-time ones also have. Well, moving around, sitting up, and all kinds of daily activities may result in "messy situation" too if the pads are not secured.

I can provide some industrial tapes for those who are giving up on kotex.

Some guys I know came up with this idea when they were drunk one night, pour coke onto the pad to measure how much 'liquid' a pad can hold. You can certainly try. ;)

Anyways, it is recommended to change the pads every 4-6 hours for hygienic purposes. And the wings are not only for secure purposes but also for preventing leakage.


The reason why you don't have information on Toxic Shock Syndrome with your pack of Kotex is because the disease isn't associated with pad usage. (It doesn't retain all the blood inside the genital tract ma.)

And the reason why you don't have instructions on how to use them (unlike the tampons) is because... well...
...pretty straight forward and dummy proof, right?
I mean - even a male managed to figure it out wert!


For your knowledge, the sings isn't for added securing of the pad to the panties. It's actually meant to protect the sides of the panties from getting stained.. You should try the smaller packs for night-time use. Those should be more interesting because it is thin and would make you wonder just how to absorb all that liquid.

Vinc, tell me is there gonna be any more reviews coming up anytime soon?

jasmine : Why is whisper better?

person-with-name-i-cannot-read : Thank you for that additional info

beer brat : Nola. They can also you tampax.

abi : I don't need to be drunk to do that. I already had that in mind.

maggie : Of course I figured it out. I clever mah. What if some idiot doesn't know how to use it? Then how?

kim : What small pack? This one memang night time use one la.

sugania : I am left with the experiments.


Whisper is better because Kotex is more prone to give you.. err.. an accidental Brazilian wax. :P (Don't you dare ask if I speak from experience *slap*) And they're more comfy, as comfy as it can get to wear a 'diaper'.

And I think Kim was asking you to try using day-time pads during the night. Duh.


whisper is just an over-rated, over advertised sanitary pad. plus the plasticky surface makes your labia feel like you've got bitten by 99 different insect. kotex is the on-nest. it sells both the cottony surface and plasticky one (for the masochistic chicks) and they soak em juice like there's no tomorrow.

but whisper is still damn good :P esp the whisper ultra (purple kaler), damn expensive but damn better than most brands I used.

i agree with kimberlycun! i hate whisper cos of the plastic-ky material! think i may even be allergic to it, which isnt particularly good news. the kotex cottonny material muuch nicer.

n night-time pads differ fr day-time ones cos they're normally longer. n thicker. more suitable for heavy flow n all the extra protection. but night ones are super uncomfortable, like wearing a bloody mattress. pun intended.



i love KOTEX!!! kotex rulz too!! hhahahaha

my vote is for whisper. have never encountered any leaks with whisper. this is fast becoming a whisper vs kotex war thingamajig. hey...more reviews please!

actually it's been already a year lah... and just suddenly wonder, what did u do to the rest of kotex?

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