Thursday, September 22, 2005

the great review, part 5

Part 1 - Pilot
Part 2 - The Plot
Part 3 - The Tampax Review
Part 4 - The Kotex Review

The Tampax Absorbency Experiment..

This is the back of the box of Tampax. It has information on the various tampon absorbencies. Looking at it, I started wondering....just how much liquid can the Regular tampon I bought hold? It says 6-9 grammes which would be 6-9 ml of water. Of course, water and blood have different densities. But since I do not have a readily available source of dirty blood (I have healthy bowels) I settled for tap water and decided to test out the absorbency.

Not knowing what to do, I started off by dunking the whole thing into a mug of water just like how you would dunk in a teabag (no, I don't use that mug to drink my Milo).

It expanded a great deal and lost its shape the minute it came into contact with water. Here is comparison of a dry tampon with the one I had fished out of the mug.

The sperm and the stingray..

I know what you're thinking. "Holy shit! I can't imagine that inside me!" Well, don't worry. It's not meant to absorb that much liquid anyway. So, I had to think of something that could measure tiny amounts of water that I would pour onto the tampon.

I finally thought of a medical syringe. If it wasn't already obvious, I am not the kind of person who has a syringe with needles readily available on my bedside table. Off I went to Boots pharmacy to get one. Take note that I have hair that ALWAYS looks like I just woke up, and there were some clear stubbles of facial hair visible when I walked through the pharmacy door.

The bloke at the counter scoffed a loud 'No, we don't!' when I asked him whether they sold any syringes.

'We don't sell medical syringes for injections.'

'Oh nooo...I don't need a needle. Just the syringe would do.'

'Oh. You mean those that you feed babies with?'

Not knowing what the hell that kinda syringe looked like, I just said yes. Turns out, it's a pretty nifty little object.

I fill it up to its capacity - 5ml of water and get the show started.

It was very amusing to watch the tampon morphing into the monster that it became when I dunked it into the mug of water. However, I did not expect the tiny piece of cotton to be so absorbent. I started off by dripping ONE drop of water on the right side of it and it miraculously swelled. You can see the before & after comparison as a result of a single drop of water.

Feeling a tad excited after witnessing its miraculous growth, I continued dripping water on to it, a few drops at a time. After just 0.5 ml of water, there was a very significant change to its shape. There were random bulges in places and it was starting to open up.

That picture doesn't do justice to the actual effect it had. Note that I did not touch the tampon the whole time. I just left it on the table and dripped water onto it. Now, turning it over, it was quite amazing what a few drops of water could do to deform it (which kinda of reminds me of some women who think that a few drops of rain would have the same effect on them).

Slowly opening up, after less than 3ml of water.

Since this experiment was done in the name of science, I also followed the scientific procedures that they teach you in school science labs. I kept a pencil by my side and took notes of the observations. I am also providing ammunition for my stalkers to analyse my handwritting (which I actually think looks pretty damn cool).

The sperm is mutating..

As we can see, class, a tampon is a piece of cotton squashed into the shape of a cylinder. I don't know if you have seen it before, but there are things called 'Magic Travel Shirts' where it is actually a cotton t-shirt vaccumm packed into a packet the size of your handphone. When you dunk it into water, it absorbs water and expands. I think they adapted the working principle from the tampon.


I refilled the syringe and continued squirting water onto the tampon. At around 7 ml, the paper below it started getting damp from being in contact with the water. At 8 ml, it started dripping (although quite minimal) and I stopped.

Throughout the experiment, I tried squeezing the water out as I went along but it did its job and held the water in. I think it breached its absorbtion capacity at around 7-8 ml. After squirting 8 ml of water onto it, I squeezed the water out into an empty cup.

I then pumped the water back into the syringe to see how much water had been lost.

Now, this is where I am supposed to tell you that "In conclusion......" but there really doesn't seem to be a moral to this story. I have shown that the absorbency is as it was stated on the box was sort of accurate. I am actually getting more girls to use tampons so that Tampax can gimme some money.

*I just came back from a fresher's clubbing event and I am a bit high so sorry la for the potong steam ending cause I am in no condition to think*

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ok... i didn't expect your bloody review .. to be so weird

mix lah the water with ribena ke... make it more authentic sikit mah.


ok i was wrong before.. but that is one big ass mug..

minishorts : Was thinking of using syrup....but I got lazy. Heheh

keng : Not the mug big....the picture small.


T-shirts! Based on Tampon science... wear it wear it. Hehehehe

whatevala... the picture dem decieving... hahaha

Ooo... interesting... expand to twice the size.. a science experiment need a conclusion!! what's next? what's the next science experiment?

Seriously potong stim man. I was [kinda] expecting you to plot a graph and find a slope or something.

I had a graph of absorbency vs volume but in my drunken stupor i forgot all about it

this still isn't gonna get me to use tampons. bleurgh.

Nicely done. How about starting a topic about loss of virginity from using tampons? At least, tt's how my grandma thks.


one day you can tell your wife all you know about tampons and recommend which type has the best absorbencies.

siao siao one... wat's next?

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lishun : Why not? Tampax is cool.

ra : Haiyoooh...I told you people already. Tampax won't take away your precious flower.

pyteen : Eeeew.

sweelin : Tellling my wife? Hell...I am telling EVERYBODY.

smartie : Thanks for leaving me my first spam.


you first spam actually has Kournikova exposed??!?!? Mine had CHEAPER CAR INSURANCE! dammit.

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