Friday, September 30, 2005


I was royally pissed the other day after spending an hour on the phone with my ISP and still not able to sort out a solution to my problem. After having that meaningful conversation with Beethoveen's 5th symphony or something of that sorts playing on their Call-Transfer machine, I went over to the computer lab, powered up MSN and started chatting with a few people.

Karma works in mysterious ways. I was rewarded when some dumbass messaged me on MSN, and I could release some stress. Her karma, however, wasn't quite as good. She chose the wrong person on the wrong day to 'be friends with'.

Vincent : who are u?
Vincent : hello...who are u?
zhanghong : hi
Vincent : 3rd time asking who are u?
zhanghong : zhang hong
Vincent : yes i can tell from ur nick
Vincent : do i know u?
zhanghong : no
Vincent : where did u get my email add from?
zhanghong : from msn
Vincent : oh so u want to be friends issit?
zhanghong : yeah
Vincent : oic.....i m not a hot chick or anything like that u know...

*here, I had the impression that this was a guy, cause I thought the name sounded like a guy*

Vincent : why u wanna be friends with me?
zhanghong : becos i wanna talk
Vincent : ah ok what u want to talk about?
Vincent : i dunno any hot chicks u know
zhanghong : ur rich guy rite
Vincent : thats not a good thing my friend...u shudnt judge ppl whether they are rich or not
zhanghong : rich is good
zhanghong : u have gf?
Vincent : eh u girl or guy one?
zhanghong : girl
Vincent : why ur name sound like guy one?
zhanghong : i dunno
Vincent : so what do u know?

Vincent : how old are u?
Vincent : i dun wanna go to jail
zhanghong : u cant ask girl age
Vincent : of course i can.......if i dont..and i have sex with u...and then later find out that u are 15 years old...then i go to jail...
Vincent : i dun wanna get ass raped in jail
zhanghong : do u have pic? or cam?
Vincent : u tell me how old u are first
zhanghong : 21
Vincent : how do i know u are not lying?
Vincent : how do i know that u are not some lonely 50 year old housewife called lilian or something
Vincent : (oh btw...do u tend to swallow or spit?)

*this is where I raise a flag in triumph because she runs away for a while...I thought I managed to scare her away*

zhanghong : u hav gf?
Vincent : if i say yes are u gonna stop talking to me?
zhanghong : no
Vincent : if i say no are u gonna still talk to me?
zhanghong : sure
Vincent : shit..then i guess i m pretty much screwed
zhanghong : why
Vincent : cuz rite i dont tend to make friends over the internet
zhanghong : why
Vincent : its like opening up the telekom malaysia directory
Vincent : and simply calling a Mr Cheong Kim Boon and asking him...can i be ur friend?
zhanghong : lol
Vincent : yeah u are laughing but thats exactly what u are doing

zhanghong : i want to talk to as many as possible at random ppl becos i just got dump
Vincent : oh so u looking for a rebound bf issit?
zhanghong : to forget him
Vincent : thats not very nice
zhanghong : no..to occupy my mind
zhanghong : just for a chat..nothing abt luv
Vincent : why dont u go watch tv?
zhanghong :no i cant
Vincent : why dont u go surf porn?
Vincent : its a pretty fun thing to do
Vincent : everybody does that when they want to take their mind off something
zhanghong: i like to talk to u becos i want ask u
Vincent : ask what
zhanghong : i forgot becos another girl add me adn ask me alot things
zhanghong : do u know she?

*I happened to be chatting with Tilia and I gave Tilia this girl's contact so that she could go make fun of her as well. Tilia ended up asking her some survey questions*

Vincent : which girl?
Vincent : why are u telling me about other girls?
Vincent : i tot u were free
Vincent : u said u wanted to get over ur bf
Vincent : u said u wanted to add random people and chat so i helped u la
Vincent : were u lying to me?
zhanghong : i need to talk abt things concern my bf becos i cant talk to he
zhanghong : so i have to talk to other ppl to get it out off me
Vincent : so u think its a good idea to find random people online to ask for love advice?
zhanghong : at least i can pass my diff times
Vincent : see i wont know anything about a bf cuz i dont intend on getting one
zhanghong : but ur a guy u should know
zhanghong : i tried to talk to my bf
Vincent : u have problems with ur bf
zhanghong : but he dun give me the answer i wanna hear
Vincent : i DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND so how the fuck would i know?

zhanghong : i duno but he is in usa
Vincent : so?
Vincent : why are u teling me about ur bf?
Vincent : look i dunno about u laa..but nobody i know gets love advice from random strangers on MSN
Vincent : if u need help go call befrienders or something like that or go to a church and ask the priest for help cuz u sound like the suicidal type
Vincent : either way...i dont really care
Vincent : cuz i got enough of my own problems to worry about other
zhanghong : ur so mean
Vincent : yes i know
Vincent : u're not the first person to tell me that
Vincent : now i bet ur bf is a much nicer person than i am...so why dont u go talk to him and stop bugging my ass?
zhanghong : his comp is busted
Vincent : never heard of telephone ar?
zhanghong : he is in usa now
Vincent : so? i think they got phones in the US
zhanghong : he is student i dunno if he hae money for it
Vincent : THEN U CALL LA

*I couldn't be arsed to tell her about International Call Cards*

Vincent : u met him on internet oso issit?
zhanghong : yeah
Vincent : see thats the problem with meeting people on the internet
Vincent : why dont u go out and meet some real people in real life?
zhanghong : i had fallen for him
Vincent : again....i dont give a shit about u or him
Vincent : for fucks sake
zhanghong: ur mean
Vincent : YES I KNOW
Vincent : now that we already agreed on that...can we also agree that i dont give a flying rat's ass about you or your boyfriend?

*and that is when I felt happy once again, since I had vented all my anger and diverted a heart attack from my chat with the ISP. I blocked her after that*

Moral of the story : Don't EVER message me on IM and tell me that you want to be my friend.


OMFG. Wahahahahaha!! *LMFAO*. "Ur mean, Vincent!!". [Whiney voice]. After all those crap you threw at her, it took her THAT long to utter those 2 whiney words. LOL. Oh dear...I'm turning so mean too. Aiks...(>_<)


I'd have to say you were considerably patient la... I expected much worse...

Must be one of those blurcase MSN ppl.

Vincent, to release angst, go shoot a gun! YEA! No Gun? Time to invest in PS2, guncon 2 and Time Crisis 3 :D


hahahhaha.. she must be pretty thick to actually continue the conversation with you.

awwwwww, vincent is getting angst becos some girl tried to use him for rebound, too bad you're not the one she suffering heartache for right?

She deserves to be cheated untill she learns her lesson.

You should have bombard her mercilessly . This shit reminds me a similiar situation last month . One unknown guy added me in yahoo IM and he just followed me whatever I typed . He also tried to add me again as I deleted his name from my list , I managed to bloack him from doing so though . *rolls eyes*

damn funny. but 'she' is probably a gay 50-year loner looking for pretty boys...

Yeah, karma it is, vincent, ur the rejects of UK that is why u cant even secure a job in UK, guess the Ukers can see beyond who u are, enuff said

Oh? Your boyfriend taught you how to read blogs ar?

simontheoldfuckface, if im 50 yr old gay so what? wanna slap me with a humongous tits meh? oo im so scare wahahahahaha *smirk*

look bitch, since you have so much free time getting over your internet boyfriend, go start your own blog and bitch about me. one hate comment to me is enough, point taken. now stop spamming my comment box.

Hey vincent , can I flame ? :D~~~

Eh, that doesnt sound like zhanghong also..Her england is not that powderful. And she was a lot more...hmm. How should I put this. Unassertive and LAME?

I agree with Tilia. Her speech pattern looked different. Furthermore, from your conversations, ZhangHong sounds more naive than vinditive.

i want to be ur bf. :P

I want to be your friend... wait..... I already am

kesian si zhanghong itu.

can't understand how people can seriously IM a stranger and start talking about their personal problems, though. sure, might be frustration and the need to talk to someone, anyone, but that's what counsellors and help hotlines are for. strangers are not likely to help much.

especially those named "vincent-on-a-bad-day"


u all are a sickness!!!!!!!!

OMG, that hurts. My name is Lilian but I'm not a 50-year old housewife >.<

Anyway, I had someone IMed me and said he was John Travolta. I don't have a clue who the hell he is and blocked him straight away.


Ooo... pernah terjadi kepadaku juga...
Is there some trend in chatting up random strangers on IM these days?


Nola...not just these days la. Long ago already got people like that. IRC ICQ also got what.

I want to be your friend. :p

Oh my fucking god, I recently blocked someone on the MSN who is like that too. Fuck! Kinda look like the same person! She's a frequent visitor of my blog of sorts, and like, she was like whining about a boyfriend SHE MET ON THE INTERNET who is a student who went USA FOR STUDIES! Hmmm.

Someone from Russia sent this URL to me, and i have been reading your blog for some times...hehe...nice bitching work....anyway, it kills some of my time when i am god damn bored.......From Ukraine

hey nice posts i added you to my bookmarks

Just wanted to say everything you posted was a good read.
Its nice too see that some people create decent and entertaining blogs, yours kept me reading for well over 10 minutes.



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