Thursday, September 01, 2005

kempen belog bm sudahlah berakhir

I have NO IDEA how long it took Eyeris to compile his list, but I sure as hell thank him for it. After a week or so of our pointless campaign, the support was nothing short of 'cool'. I never ever thought that so many people were actually willing to use my banner. I think, in the end, we all had fun writting in a language which most people admitted they hadn't used since SPM.

And so, here is a painstakingly long list of people who did actually blog in BM for Merdeka. If I missed you out, or know if I missed anybody out, please do let me know and I shall add to the already long list. I have wrecked my eyes long enough compiling the list and I am lazy to double check the list, so please do let me know I made a mistake anywhere or if there are any deadlinks.

So far, the awesome total stands at SEVENTY TWO people :

  1. =] (=] and the world =] with U) - Pertama Kali berbelog dalam BM
  2. Aerogal (Life Goes On..) - Selamat Hari Kebangsaan yang ke-48
  3. Agjunkie (Pashminas & Perfume) - Coretan minda yang kekok
  4. Aria (Savage Quill) - Kibarkan di hati, bukan di kenderaan
  5. Balajoe ( BJ Thoughts) - Merdeka suatu ketika dahulu
  6. BawangMerah (Darker Side of Saturn) - Tanah Tumpah Darahku
  7. Beer Brat (The Problem with Hindsight) - 31 Ogos 48 tahun yang lalu
  8. Blogreader (The Face of a Stranger) - Addendum
  9. Bob (Bob Jots) - Negaraku & Jiwa Merdeka
  10. Chris (Beh Song) - Merdeka!
  11. Cmos (Blur Sotong) - Freaking moron...part 2, belog version
  12. Coolcat (Coolcat's Jottings) - Merdeka
  13. Cyber-Red (Fading Sanity) - Berlog dalam Bahasa Melayu
  14. Cynical-Idealist ( Cynical Idealistic Eyes) - Belog Bahasa Melayu Pertama
  15. David Teoh (The Katana) - Berbelog dalam BM
  16. Dila (Dil's Stop..Do I look Like I care?) - Tanggal 31, Bulan 8, 57
  17. Doreen (Musings of a Lady) - Selamat Hari Merdeka
  18. Dracolshian (A Lil' Further...) - Apakah Erti Kemerdekaan?
  19. Dr. Liew (Hurricane) - Merdeka Pos
  20. Elaine (Ramblings) - Bahawanya Kita Patriotik
  21. Emptybox (Brown Paper Packages) - Selamat Hari Merdeka!
  22. Erna (Wondering as I Wander) - Daif
  23. Eyeris (Eye on Everything) - Apa Pasal Gua Manyak Suka Malaysia
  24. FashionAsia (Fashionasia) - Special Edition Merdeka Post (Bercoli-Joli)
  25. Fuckstress (Have a nice, steamy cup of ShutTheFuckUp) - Happy Merdeka!
  26. IreneQ (IreneQ: Unraveled) - Sambutan Hari Merdeka Bersama Penguasa Cincin
  27. Jane Sunshine (The Splenderful Chronicals) - My Language is Mine
  28. Jess (She's Jess) - Erti Semangat Patriotisme
  29. Kak Teh (Choc-a-Blog) - Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa
  30. Kampung Gal (Kampung Gal in the City) - Pengakuan Seorang Penyambung Warisan
  31. Kancil Killer (Kisah Kancil Killer) - Belog BM : Sebelum dan Sekarang
  32. Kekure (Be Bored Stiff) - Wanita yang Merdeka
  33. Kervin (Thousand Words...) - Tanggal 31, Bulan 8, 57
  34. Kimberlycun (Narcissism is Necessary) - Baik Lewat Dari Tidak
  35. Kim Yen (Etched in Binary) - Karya Lawak
  36. Kuih Pop (Staging a Traffic Jam) - Menyesakkan Jalan Raya Je
  37. Lainie (Lainie : Always in trouble, somehow) - Ogos 31 - Merdeka!
  38. Lilian (5xMom) - Sperma Merdeka
  39. Lionel (LIONELblogs) - Getting on the Blog in Malay Bandwagon
  40. Lishun (lishun) - dah karat la ni..
  41. Lucia (Mental Jog) - Makan Memegang Poyong Pada Hari Merdeka
  42. Lydia Teh (Life's Like That) - Merdeka Belog
  43. Lyn (The Passion According to Senorita Lyn) - Selamat Hari Merdeka
  44. Maggie (What the F*Ck?) - Bukan Cinta Yang Biasa
  45. Manusia Gelabah (Manusia Gelabah!) - Selamat Bercuti
  46. Marita Paige (A Leaf off the Page of Marita's Life) Hari Kebangsaan
  47. Maya (MayaKirana) Selamat Hari Merdeka
  48. Minishorts (minishorts.net :: rejuvenated) Harapanku untuk Negaraku
  49. Mira (Life Lessons 101 : How To Be Me) Warning! Atrocious use of Malay Language Ahead
  50. Monki (Hey Boo!) Aku Warga Malaysia
  51. Mudslinger (Mudslinging ) - Merdeka-kah?
  52. Nazrah (Everyday Is A New Day) - Menjelang 31 Ogos
  53. Nicktay (The Reflector) - Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
  54. Nigel (Dysgeusia) - Bukan Mudah untuk Berbelog
  55. Peter Tan (The Digital Awakening) - Kemerdekaan Untuk Siapa?
  56. Plink (Nah!See?cism) - Bangsa Jiwa Bahasa
  57. Priya (A Moxilicious Moment) - Saya Boleh! Mungkin Saya Boleh!
  58. Rajan (Rajan Rishyakaran) Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan
  59. Retardedly Cute (Retardedly Cute) Usaha untuk membebaskan sebuah negara...
  60. S-Kay (Going Wild and Glowing Charm) - Hari Kemerdekaan Bahagian 1 dan Bahagian 2
  61. Sashi (Sashiweb) - Percubaan Membelog dalam BM
  62. Sharon Bakar (Bibliobibuli) - Mat Salleh Boleh!
  63. Simon (Simon Talks) - Simon terikut-ikut
  64. Star Crossed Angel (Starcrossed Angel) - Belog Saya Dalam BM
  65. Suanie (As Suanie Sees It) - Siapa Lebih Miang?
  66. Sweelin (Myopia) - Hepi Indeependens Dei
  67. Tan Yee Wei (Snippets of this and that) - BM saya menyedut
  68. Vincent (B*tchingLOG...not a weBLOG) - Apa Erti Merdeka?
  69. Visithra (There's no blog) - Merdeka - Ibuku Melaung
  70. Waterjunk (absoluteJUNK) - Berbelog dalam BM!
  71. Wingz (Rojaks Daily) - Marilah Ber-bolok dalam BM!
  72. Yvy (All About her?) - Memori yang tidak dapat kulupakan
  73. Zyrin (Conversations in my head) - Lawak Giler

Thanks for your support everybody!

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I loved the banner! This was a great idea. Let's do it agian next year, huh?

Am I too late to submit my post? :)



Hey!! I am so so so shocked that I have been included in this list. Stumbled into this blog by chance today. Didn't even know that the logo was done by you. Thanks for it anyway, as it reminds me of all those crappy pendidikan seni drawings I did in school. hehe.

Let's do a technorati cock blogging wednesday kind of kempen... hehe... i will provide the drawing.


bibliobibuli : Next year, we shall do something even bigger and more fun!

KK : Ok. Added your post to the list already.

beerbrat : I had fun with that banner thingy. Didn't expect most people to actually use it.



I TOLD you it was a long list... haha. but thanks for mopping up after me. was too tired to continue the list... haha

I did one sentence. Does that count?

eyeris : Yeah, thought that it would be nice to have the complete list.

kenny : Hahaha...cheater! Wanna see you write a whole post in Benglish Malay first!


Benglish MALAY! not HOKKIEN! :)

Nowadays... is there even a difference between both? :))

Hey... im glad it worked out this way.. Its great and vinc you will always have our support ;)

when r u getting ur ass back to tanah tumpahnya darah ku?


kim : Of course there is a difference.
In English - I saw a beautiful girl.
Benglish Hokkien - I saw a chio bu.
Benglish Malay - I saw an awek.


Dude...you're killing me. I swore on my post that I'll blog in English next year. But fear not, to show my patriotism, I'll start drafting my next year's malay post now...cibai. You better make sure to make it TWO boxes of choccies now. [pause]. WITH choccies IN them. Humph.

use some simple HTML tag:

will give you an auto numbering list. :)


KK : Thanks. Will try that later.

Is that your banner? Great! and thanks for visiting and for the campaign. here's the list of bloggers whose arms i twisted. go to my link sentraal station and the bloggers who blogged in BM on that day are : jane sunshine, nazrah, the blogreader, doreen.

yups, that was my banner for the kempen. thanks for the list.

berbelog'ed in bm but din use ur banner. but i must admit i only thought of doing that after i visited ur site haha

Vincent: ada lagi:



i didn't know had to "submit". haha.



Hey nice info you posted.
I just browsing through some blogs and came across yours!

Excellent blog, good to see someone actually uses em for quality posts.

Your site kept me on for a few minutes unlike the rest :)

Keep up the good work!



can i make it the 74th?
cos im in UK n UK is still 30th of August!
my site; http://www.cywong.com/


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