Monday, September 19, 2005

once upon a time

Okla, so I am gonna talk like I am a damn old man la. You know rite...in my days, when we first started blogging, there weren't so many blogs around. I mean, the fad was growing la, but rite, the number of bloggers were about as much as the number of Eskimos around - not many.

Generally hor, when this blogging thing wasn't that big a fad, the only people who did it were people who wanted to. These days, we have all sorts of characters around the 'sphere.

Back then, we blogged because we loved writting and wanted to rant.

Back then, nobody who started blogging because they wanted to be famous.

Back then, if you told people you wanted to be a famous blogger, they will tell you that you would be better off being a famous vegetable seller.

Back then, there were no such things as famous bloggers, only famous blogs.....good blogs.

Back then, nobody wanted to be a JeffOoi (we wanted to be ourselves, as crappy as we were).

Back then, nobody blogged for an audience.

Back then, nobody started blogs to make friends.

Back then, nobody started blogs to make money.

Back then, nobody went around whoring their blogs.

Back then, everybody knew what to say and how to say it.

Back then, nobody knew what a blogwar was.

Back then, nobody started blogs just because all their friends were doing it.

All because back then, everybody who blogged did so from the heart.

Times change.


piang eh, that times change line really hit it.



back then computer not so advanced like now. true, time changes. sad eh ?

I wish that the trend will decline so that less people interest in blog anymore .

Back then, nobody blog to get free drinks.

Wait, now also don't get free drinks. Sigh


vlad: one day ppl will blog to get free drinks. :P

Err... at least people get to practice writing in english so they can score better in SPM??

A lot of people still say its better to be famous vegetable seller..Actually..I also agree.

But its nice to know that people are reading and you're not sitting and writing to yourself.

Aiyah..actually its very hard not to write for an audience. Personally I started my blog because no one was listening to me complain so I blog so at least maybe 2 people will listen to me whine. So still counted as writing for an audience right? Even if you're writing for 2 people.

Most ppl still blog from the heart...Just kinda boh liao things they have in the heart..

But yah. A lot of ppl also start blogs just coz everyone else is doing it.


was just telling kamigoroshi that it's a good thing for blogging to be a fad cuz then at least people will...bother. but yeah, if blogs these days are there to just make money, get as many hits/comments as possible or because "my best fwen in the whole wide world has a blog" and no one's really interested in saying anything worthwhile anymore...then...quite sad la. =(

tilia : That's not what I meant by 'writting for an audience'. You can look around and I think it is obvious who the attention seekers are.

lishun : Its ok to make money out of it, or get 'famous' because of the blog. However, that shouldn't be the reason people start blogging.


I blog to score chicks. My score is still ZERO.

DAmn. gotta change strategy.


eyeris - read your comment then laughed my ass off.
vincent - errr...next time i pay more attention.


Actually, back then we were also blogwhoring. But it was more in fun rather than a life-or-death matter.

eyeris : You're not the only one blogging to score. Loads of them buaya out there.

viewtru : Well, not many people pinged PPS (I didnt) and not many people went around leaving random comments on other ppl's blog just for the sake of it.


eyeris, maybe you would have more luck trying matchmaker.com or msn personals as quoted by vincent, Ha..ha..

i blog to blog. how cool is that.

I started blogging cause I was lost in Perth and it was a pain email-ing friends about updates of my life. Now that I'm back..it's become an anything-goes blog that's oh, 90% pure crap. Hehe.

vince i suggest you reply the comments one by one to make us all happy. :P

minishorts : YOU SPAMMER!

blogwhoring can be fun.
we used to do it but it only got a 'name' recently.
it wasn't even called a 'blog' back then.


what was it called back then??

it was called a website.

those were the days of geocities and angelfire (not related to fireangel)

you blog because you have something to say, and you don't mind sharing it.

i had a friend who had an online diary before the term blog was introduced. i read it every day, was kinda addicted.


and not forgetting that one is trying to make a career out of it.

So as a human, I'm older

But as a blogger, I'm still young :D Yeay third childhood!


hmmm... when people speak of the past and I actually know what they're talking about, I feel old. Back in the days when I was younger and still a student, I had a blog and a couple of hours a day to spare in order to update it. I had a grand time .. and I would rant everyday about my rather strong opinions that I never dared to say out loud.... I was quite the "mulut laser" ...

ah ... to be a student again!


Speaking of fireangel.. what happened to her?

Her blog was the second blog I started reading (more like worshipping), so when she just closed it, I was shocked.

And it's not as if I can just randomly ask people, but now that you've mentioned her...


okay seriously i duno why the fuck i blog :X

alynna: Fireangel dropped out of the blogging scene to join the Peace Corps. But never mind. If you check out Minishorts site, in her posting on 15th Sept, she mentioned four female ranters who are quite similar to FireAngels kind of writing. Why don't you check them out?

Thanks, viewtru. :)

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