Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the review chat

Vincent : i m doing the review thingy again
minishorts : the tampax one ah
minishorts : you stuck it up your anus ah
Vincent : tried.......too big la

Elaine has been added to the conversation

minishorts : lemme tell you something
minishorts : our friend vince
minishorts : tried to stuck the tampon up his ass
minishorts : but it was too big
minishorts : THERE iS NO SUCH THING
Vincent : muahaahaha
minishorts : sometimes your shit
minishorts : is bigger than the tampon
minishorts : CANNOT BE...
minishorts : i think you're just scared that the tampon will suck up your shit
Elaine : ...
Elaine : the tampon is sooo FREAKING small!
minishorts : your shit is BIGGER than the tampon lah

Moral of the story : Don't make tampon jokes when talking to women.

I have been busy (read : lazy), so just wait a little while for the next part of the review, ok? Besides, a lot of people have talked about soaking the thing with water, which was what I was initially going to do. But since you guys mentioned it already, I have to think of something cooler.

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