Thursday, September 15, 2005

the review review

'We were talking about it..."


'No shits it doesn't have an information leaflet'

'Why not?'

'Cause it's meant for people who know how to use it already...not idiots like you'

'Firstly, you realise that little kids might not know how to use it, right?'

'I knew how to use it.'

'Secondly, you two do realise that it's a joke, right?'

'Well, it's a lame joke..'

So kids, new lesson today...when you grow up and start telling jokes, there are people who are going to like it, and there are people who aren't. Tough.

Anyway, I was in a pretty good mood this afternoon (I usually tend to be in good moods) and stumbled onto a blog post where a couple of girls were talking about 'the great review'. It gets quite hilarious as they are pretty much clueless about tampons and they start talking about masturbating with it (?!?!).

Besides reaffirming my point about the need for an information leaflet (because not every girl knows how to use it), it also taught me that a lot of girls don't bother with tampons. And I have found out that it's usually the case of either or.

So, for today, let's get the lot of you involved.

You tell me la, you prefer tampons or pads? Oh....and why ar you choose that one?

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Can't speak out of experience. But thanks for the hilarious link. Looks like you have aroused the interest of some naive kids on tampoons.

That's what we call education.


Ya know what? Some mothers told their daughters tampons are bad. sometimes you stuff it in, forget, bug grows within and u become a mobile home for them =D

At least thats what mom used to say =.=


till today i cannot imagine myself using a tampon. the fear of it falling out is bad enough. my university doesnt have those machines that sell pads in the toilet. they only sell tampons. :( maybe one day i'll find myself in a sticky situation. THEN i may try out a tampon.

My gf says you should soak the tampon in water. She says you'll be surprised. Don't ask me why.

I guess inserting some thing in own body and just leaving it there is still quite scary to girls.. Young girls.. LOL

Tampons leaves the nether region of a woman clean and dry. Can't say the same for a pad; imagine being all wet and sticky there, from front to back. Ok, maybe you shouldn't. It's just icky.

To dispel everyone's fear that a tampon might fall out, it doesn't. On top of that, there's absolutely NO WAY one will *lose her virginity to a tampon. Take it from someone who's been using it for the past 5 yrs.

*Unless of course you're damn ganas and just shove it all the way up there la, which I highly doubt ;)

To all the ladies who're thinking of using a tampon, i suggest you try OB by Johnsons & Johnsons.


Actually girls in Aus and US hardly use pads. Most ppl over there use tampons. It's more convenient. More hygienic. Less mess. You dont get blood all over your err...genitals and your ass. Which is just disgusting. And then the blood all over your body will sit and rot there. Thus producing a smell. With tampons, air doesnt come in to contact with the blood so it doesnt rot and stink. Anyway,a lot of girls here are uninformed about tampons. And have a lot of silly questions thus producing that kinda msn convo. I guess also coz its taboo to stick things in your vagina?

Like I said to the girls, if you stick it in right, you don't feel a damn thing, but you're not meant to use tampons at night.

Overall, tampons are good for swimming, some big function you have to attend, BUT I still think pads are better. I mean, despite the rarity of it all, Toxic Shock Syndrome sounds pretty damn scary. And shocking. :P


beer brat : Yes, this blog is an educational one.

ignorant one : Tampax says in their leaflet that that is not true.

starcrossed : Tampax says in their leaflet that it won't fall out.

shaun : Tell your gf that I will try it next day.

dila : That's weird.....how about carrots??

in3cate : Tampax leaflet concurs. They said that it won't affect your virginity.

tilia : Taboo? How come you use a carrot then?

alynna : Tampax says you CAN use tampons at night.



wahliau! n i thought i was bimbo! the talk bout "swimming so fast u'll leave it behind"?! EHHHH?!!!

well tbh i don't use tampons (never have), but i have, like u, vince, bought a pack just out of curiosity n read the information leaflet too. the whole insertion process kinda freaks me out which is probably why i've never tried it.


Do we sound that naive?? Can't help it guess... this is what you get when you force hormone-raging teenagers to study PEMBIAKAN in Bio and don't give detailed explainations on (certain) details. Everyone else around us so 'hush-hush' about it.

Tampons sounds like those I.U.D. things (intrauterus device) you stick into your uterus and leave it there. It sounds awfully painful and irritating. In fact, it does remind one of the famous torture equipment which includes putting a pear shaped like thing into the vagina and heating it up so it'll expand and cause excruciating pain to the victim. Imagination running wild?

Anyway, thanks for the peek into the real world. xD


I didn't say anything stupid there did i? I didn't!! It's just pyteen and her freaking imagination and 'innocent' mind! wonder how u 'stumble' across her blog..

after you stick the tampon in..no feelingla..even when you stick it in no feelingla. VINCENT!!! GASP!!! SINCE WHEN I SAID I USE CARROT??? Cucumberla. Haha. Carrot too thin.

; )


legallybimbo : Insertion process scares you? Wow...you gonna be in trouble when some horny guy wants to get jiggy with it.

pyteen : Hehhe..its good to learn

mooncakelover : No need to shy shy one. I stumbled across her blog because I was tipped offed by my friends in the mafia.

tilia : No you liar. You said carrot. Supposedly it's easier.


Tampax lies.. ;)

Use Carefree!


haha..actually...i use PENIS..haha

vincent> i guess that leaves me with 2 options: (1) be a nun (2) become a lesbian. or ofcourse, i could get "warmed up" n switch to tampons. harh.

I use both pads and tampons. Tampons when I am out and about, pads when I go to bed. Somehow, leaving something inside me when I go to bed isn't something that rests easy with me ... hehe!

I tried to leave Pyteen some factual info on her blog, but I think I may have said a bit too much...

I prefer pads over tampons. Just the whole idea of having something stuck inside me for a few hours is not very comforting. But I do agree with tilia that pads can be icky. The wetness and odor. Maybe one day when I have the guts, I'll try tampon.

About what my mom used to say of tampons: Tampons are only for married women, not suitable for virgins.


yuenli : Lebih la that one.



I know la... just what mommy used to say but I don't really care.

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