Saturday, September 03, 2005

we need to grow up

If you care to venture far and dig up my archives, I didn't give much of a shit about anything when I started blogging. I cursed freely and insulted everybody. Granted, not much has changed, but the 'fucks' have decreased in number and my critisisms have become more refined.

There was a time when I used to think that this was my blog and I could do as I pleased. While that is still partly true, I have come to realise that we bloggers have a huge responsibility. Freedom of speech does not equate to being able to say anything according to your whimps and fancies. If having the right of freedom of speech means that you are allowed to insult anybody you wish, then it is a right that nobody should have.

That said, if you really feel that you have to write something controversial, then expect flack. You will get critisisms no matter what you write. If you defend everything in terms of "it's my blog, I write as I please" they why would you have any quelms about people using their own blogs to critisize you? Surely then, it is their own blog, and surely then they can critisize you as they please? Were you not the recipient of the bitter, bitter taste of your own medicine?

This is where your 'skill' as a blogger and a writter comes into play. Anybody can own a blog. Anybody can write but not everybody can write something that people do not want to hear, and yet get those same people to like it. It is not about what Pinky said, it is how she said it that made everybody react the way they did.

Nobody is asking that you compromise your believes. Sure, you are welcome to ridicule things that annoy you, but if you do it without class and without tact, you are stooping to that same low level that you were trying to ridicule. Critisism can be warranted, but when done without respect, nobody takes you seriously.

"Hey John! You're my friend rite?" "That mean guy called me a whore! Help me bomb his house....you have to....You're my friend!" No. Surely mature adults don't act like that? This isn't high school you know.

It took me a damn long time to realise all those stuffs. Pinky's still a kid who needs more time to realise that. So do all the other kids out there. We all grow up at our own pace, no?


it is also the price of fame, when strangers start frequenting your blog and start dissing, they become undeniably such a pain.
You're so right!
anyway you've always been a strong blogger so screw those mindfucks. There shouldn't be any responsibility for the readers.


amen! and amen again!

Why resort to such direct measures as calling for backup when you can fuck with people's minds if you REALLY know how to use the wonderful entity that is the English language? :)

freedom to speech wherever is still restricted eh? in an indirect way..

That was i posted on few days ago too!


FREEDOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!(Only for adults)=D

I don't wanna grow up , I still want to insult people in imature way . :D~


...not a single swear word about Pinky...

...I'm so proud of you!



btw Vincent, "critisize" should be spelt "criticise". But then, its your blog and you write as you please. So how?



yungjie : Ok, you do that.

maggie : Stop calling me SUNSHINE on my blog! It's bad for my macho image.

kenny : So I learn la. My spelling sucks one mah. Thanks for pointing it out.


my spelling is not perfect either
when you get very AGITATED and you blog, you don't go back and check language or grammar.

that's blogging.

more on journalling later.


Dont you think that if a lot of people insult you and your friends all keep quiet and dont stand up for you...You'll feel really bad? Then of course later you ask, "Oi, why you didnt defend me?"
Of course its silly and childish and unnecessary. But wouldnt you feel that way?


Yah then I would wonder if I am hanging out with the right crowd.

Part and parcel of growing up. IF one does actually break free from one's own jolly bubble.

Vincent's post speaks volumes. I WANT TO HUG YOU SOME MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


tilia : Simply put, IT'S NOT THE SAME DAMN THING. Everybody knows she was encouraging her fans to go flame others. Besides, she started the war. You would think that she would have enough guts to fight her own battle.

Suanie : I tell you what. I shall accumulate all those 'hug coupons' and when I get back to KL, you can buy me beer.


Imej macho yang mana?


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