Tuesday, October 25, 2005

all packed

I will be leaving this country tomorrow. Don't really know when I'll be back. Maybe one day as a tourist, or one day as an expat. Only time will tell. I have been busy packing up my stuffs to ship back to Malaysia for the past 3 days.

I have packed all my lecture notes, including the notes from my first ever lecture.

I have packed away a lot of junk, including the ticket stub from my first movie in this country.

I have packed away all my clothings, including a few winter jackets which I will probably not need for a long time.

I have packed away all my souvenirs, including hotel bills from all the countries I have visited.

I have packed away all my memorabilia, including tickets from my first gig, my first play and my first ballet.

I have packed away all my presents, including a Homer Simpson mug from my housemate.

I have packed away everything except my awesome friends, but somehow I don't think they will fit in any box no matter how big it is...

I think I am ready to go.


welcum back

nasi kandar

Tomorrow! I've got 25 more days, dammit!

I am bloody envious.. :P


YOur first ballet??

hey vincent, just got back from spain.. now back in KL.. its a strange feeling to be home. sigh.
anyway, have a good trip back and do take care!! should go out and watch footie sometime!!


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