Saturday, October 15, 2005

chef wan

Feeling a little ambitious last night, I decided cooking something new. An experiment of sorts, if you may. I decided to make my own pasta sauce and see what would happen.

(actually..I HAD to make it from scratch because I only discovered that I had ran out of pasta sauce only after I had boiled the pasta)

So, opening my fridge, and using my awesome culinary knowledge, I began making a pasta sauce in my head. I rummaged through my fridge and a few minutes later, I had lined up in a nice long row, a collection of my finest secret ingredients (of which I shall only reveal two of them).

There shall be no pictures of this supposed food entry, because unlike some food bloggers who seem to think that their cooking looks great (when it doesn't), I do know that unless you make an effort to decorate your food like in restaurants, they NEVER look appetising. And quite frankly, I wasn't about to decorate food which I cook for myself and would likely only be seen by my own two eyes.

But I am digressing...

The point is, I like to experiment with my food. I usually cook for myself, and I love creating stuffs on my own. I have NEVER had a look at a recipe book. You learn how to cook from trial and error. Recipe books only teach you one specific recipe, but they never teach you the principles of cooking.

Alright, so I made a blunder last night. I bet Anthony Bourdain made mistakes too. Well, maybe not stupid mistakes. You see, I had marinated my chicken with about half a lemon and sugar. And then I used milk as the base for my pasta sauce. And....if you don't know what happened, here's something recipe books don't teach you.

NEVER mix citrus with milk. Acid coagulates milk. And I was left with a very very lumpy sauce base with white bits floating around. Just then, my housemate walked into the kitchen, took one look at it and screamed at me to throw it away.

"Throw it away? Are you nuts? I ain't throwing all this food away!"

"It's disgusting man. Throw it away and cook something else la."

(This is a guy who throws away both ends of a bread loaf and never eats pizza crusts...Go figures.)

"No fucking way dude. It's still edible and I am NOT throwing it away. I'll fix it...you'll see."

And fix it I did. After adding some extra ingredients, I managed to conjure up something reasonably tasty. It was far from a culinary masterpiece, but it was up to standard. I should know........I ate it all. (It has been a good 28 hours since then, and I still haven't had watery brown stuffs coming out of my ass, so I think it worked out well)

See the thing is, I hate it when people waste food. My mum allowed me to work in the kitchen and cook my own food since I was 8. She had only two rules. That I cleaned up everything, and more importantly, that I ate everything I cooked...no matter how foul it tasted. As long as it was no longer raw, I had to eat it. Fair deal, I thought.

I loved experimenting with food and ate everything - tasty or otherwise. I melted cheese on my fried rice and put peanut butter and honey in my french toast long before those Kim Gary dudes (and now, seemingly everybody) did. And that was also the reason why in Primary school scout camp, my group was the only group which managed to cook edible rice.

As I walked out of the kitchen carrying my plate of pasta back to my room, I passed him in the living room.

"Ah...smells better.."


"What did you cook?"

"It was the same dish you saw me cooking.."


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Bravo vinc!

heh... you and I on the same boat. i had the same two rules when i went into the kitchen. And i did create some foul ass shit, and still do. Which is why I claim my food 'only suitable to my own taste'. ahahahhaa. Though I have to say the lemon and milk thing was pretty stupid.

Dude, Kitchen Confidential is not a cookbook 8-)

Just wanted to say that. How n00bish of me.


i have a dog. nothing goes to waste. =P

Haha. Mixing and matching is an alternative for "cooks" like us who trust our own intincts to make things right.

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