Tuesday, October 11, 2005

chicken and egg

Now that it's Ramadhan, I have an age old chicken and egg situation which is pretty interesting considering the fact that we pride ourselves to be a very tolerant multicultural society.

I remember an occasion in secondary school when I was playing football as I usually do after school. After the game, I automatically grabbed my water bottle and emptied its contents into my thirsty mouth. In an instant, this Malay bloke (whom we affectionately referred to as Betik) shouted at me. Betik insisted that it was rude to drink in front of him because he was fasting. He said that I should drink behind his back, so as to not tempt him.

Sure, it was a comment made by an irate 16 year old kid but since then, I made it a habit never to openly eat or drink in front of a Muslim person when he was fasting. Common courtesy, I thought. I don't see myself fasting for half a day so I should make it easier for the guys who are fasting, yes?


It was the first day of Ramadhan and I was happily munching away at a KitKat bar in front of Kay. She was staring at me (or rather, the KitKat bar)....and then I realised...

"Oh sorry dude. Forgot you are puasa-ing"

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry for eating in front of you la"

"You're not puasa-ing....you wanna eat, eat only la..."

I still felt bad and went out of sight to finish the KitKat bar, but I also realised that not everybody was like Betik. Some people are not as easily offended. As Kay said, I was not the one fasting. As such, I was free to do as I wished...

But here's where the interesting bit comes up. As a multicultural society, we know of each other's taboos and religious practices. So....

Should a non-Muslim be tolerant of the Muslim person's believes and not eat a juicy fried chicken in front of them during Ramadhan? Or, if you look at it the other way, should a Muslim be tolerant of the fact that the non-Muslim is not fasting and hence can eat as and when he likes?

Also, if you want to take it a step further, I could also cite the situations in schools and offices in Malaysia. It is well known that you are not supposed to bring pork to school for your lunch because there are Muslims around, and hence you should be tolerant to the fact that pork is non-halal. Or, should the Muslims be tolerant to the fact that the other races do not have a taboo against it and should be able have the freedom of bringing whatever food they wish?

And so, we arrive back to the chicken and the egg.....

Which came first?



yes. God came first. He made the chicken.

I am the first mammal to wear pant , so me first .

I think the situation is more like "I am not puasa-ing , that's my problem , if you don't like it , just go away" . For 2 straight years my mom and I ate in the bus to travel from my home town to Alor Setar , during year end holiday , which was also a Ramadhan month . Did they give a fuck ? No . Did someone yell at us to stop eating in front of them which would have gave me a chance to point middle finger at him/her ? No . Moreover , me , my mom and other non-muslims passengers knew that the bus driver won't stop at food stall for us , the minority in the bus , so why they want to stop us from eating in front of them ?

It all comes to a matter of preference . That dim wit you mentioned above (the first one , not the Kay) just prefer non-muslims to eat behind them while admiring their asses , which I find it amusing , while some just don't fucking mind , maybe to them , puasa is their buisness , there's no need to tell people to eat in front of their asses .


it's not quite a matter of tolerance. just plain ol' consideration.

being considerate is not dependent on the same being reciprocated, nor on the position taken by the recipient.

it doesn't matter if person A says it's ok, go ahead or if person B says "damn you to the hells of utter starvation". you just do what you think is right.

yesterday, my friend and i were the only two chinese in a Chicken Rice Shop full of muslims. everyone had food in front of them...but it wasnt 7.10 yet. do we start eating, or do we wait that extra 10 minutes with them?


Just start eating, even though I bet they will be salivating! ( I should know, Im a Muslim).

For my case, I work in an office full of where it is simply multi racial. They eat in front of us, we do not mind. They even ask us out for coffee, we will just laugh. It is just a matter of how you look at things

If someone make a big deal out of it, e.g. not to eat in from of them; we respect that because probably they cannot 'tahan' already. So I agree with what Spot says, if you want to be considerate to that person ,then go ahead.

As for bringing whatever food they want, (herm most of my Chinese friends like to eat at canteen) but when it should not be a problem. Just inform your other Muslim/Hindu friends if it contained beef/pork, if they want a bite. I am sure they would not mind, if they are, they are not worth knowing anyway.

So Chicken came first. Damn. I am definitely buying KFC today for berbuka.


Well, I did go to a Japanese restaurant with my Hang Jebat (actor of my upcoming film) yesterday and yeah, I ate first while he was waiting. But at least I helped him do the countdown.

"Don't worry, dude, 5 mins to go."

Besides, my food arrived first.

Huh. Accidentally left a comment at an insanely old blog entry of yours regarding Miss Msia. *points at Sidebar* I thought 'Previously On' is for your most recent entries.


1. non-muslims not to eat infront of mustlims during fasting month is to show respect to the muslims.

2. some may or may not aware of the fasting month, or they may choose to eat without knowing a muslim is around.

a. The muslim should take it as a tempation from god, a 'cubaan'. the reaction of this muslim reflects his faith.

b. If he just walked away, means he avoid the tempation;

c. if he started to scold the non-muslim, he is not respecting non-muslim and also a sign of his shaky faith;

d. if he stand firm, do nothing about it. Congratulations, he passed the 'cubaan'


i think it's just better to not eat in front of fasting muslims, in case they're the sensitive type. if they're not, they would tell you so. especially if they're your friends. so rather than incite the wrath of some person who doesn't even wanna look at food lest they fall to temptation, just play safe and avoid eating in front of a muslim during ramadhan lor.

i fully agree with YungJie, i eat becos im hungry and his religion have nothing to do with me...so fowk betik..hahaahahahah

At the end of it, it comes down to consideration and sensitivity - something a lot of people clearly lack. Spot said it nicely. Do what you feel is right.

egg came first...



I think I'll eat my pork and drink my coffee or whatever and since they puasa to train themselves to resist temptation then they can just sit and watch me eat and resist temptation. I hate other ppl's religious practices inconveniencing me.

In the case of not bringing non-halal food to school, I always assumed it was because they didn't want to risk us using the same canteen utensils.

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tilia : Sigh......some tolerant society we live in, eh? It's not about inconveniencing you. It's about being sensitive towards other people's needs - religious or otherwise.

anonymous : Ok look. If you have a problem with someone, take it out with them. Not on this blog, and not behind her back, you spineless twat.


Well, I guess I wouldn't eat in front of a person who's puasa-ing ... Unless, of course, he/she is my friend, and I want to tease them or something.

Chicken or egg? Definitely chicken.


today i'm eating together with a muslim( fren) in chinese restaurant. i eat pork in front of him. no problem. he is driking too.

puasa? uh?


Never had the problem of eating in front of muslims as my company has a pantry, and those who want to eat hv to go there and not be munching at the workstations.

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