Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the classics

I don't think having a Zealot's face is cool

For the last couple of weeks, my apartment has been a mini cybercafe. A couple of guys and I have been having our mini LAN-party here. Because we're pretty much ancient dudes who haven't played computer games in a bloody long time, we have to stick to games that we are familiar with. Starcraft has been awesome. Nope, its not even Broodwar. Just the plain old Starcraft V1.0.

And so we thought...what other ancient game were we familiar with that we could play? No World of Warcraft crap. I personally hate Warcraft because I think the concept of the heroes is quite stupid. We preferred a game where we can whack people with crazy brute force. And so, for the last 1 week, we have been downloading at the constant rate of 1kb/s a 1.5gig file of the coolest ever classic strategy game...


Yeah... two of the most kick ass games.. Try and get the original C&C. It's also cool.

Yeah, I was going to say the original C & C as well.

starcraft !! WOOOT

WOOTS! Starcraft & Red Alert! My addiction when I was still studying and actually had free time!

I love Red Alert 2 for its updated graphic . I dislike Starcraft abit as I always get my ass kicked constantly . :(

Starcraft ROCKS.

I used to LAN-play Quake and FIFA as well. nothing like chasing people around and chopping with a bloody axe to get you going. heh


ahwww.... C&C RED ALERT... my first ever PC game i got a intel P133MMX with 32MB RAM back than.. lol.. man was that long time ago.. ^.^

Starcraft rulez... It is still the best RTS game to date.

I agree with you. Warcraft III Heroes concept sux. I regreted I got Warcraft III Collector's Edition that costs me over RM300. and now it is sitting on the shelves collecting microorganism.

Perhaps one day we can arrange a few games of Starcraft in Battle.net? :)


that is SO 10 years ago...

Oooh I'm STILL playing Broodwar. It was my weekly "ritual" on friday nights when I was still in Melbourne. Now, only on BNet when my Melbourne mates have the time to play online.

Bunch of old schools, eih...

me included.



C&C owns haha

ra, ra2, ra2-yuri's revenge, starcraft and the expansion are the coolest game ever!

U deleted yur latest entry?

ra : Nope I don't delete entries. Blogger is quite screwed up.

Go Starcraft!

I am the one who kept making use of 'power overwhelming'.



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