Thursday, October 06, 2005

drunken obnoxiousness

When I woke up this morning and re-read yesterday's post, I had a laugh at myself for being so utterly incoherant. I spelt sincerely 'cincerely'. It wasn't on purpose in case you were wondering. I was also chatting with minishorts, and apparently I said a lot of stupid incoherant stuffs too.

Actually, I do tend to talk alot ordinarily but it seems that I talk a lot of crap when I am high. But you see, talking crap is harmless. It beats being obnoxious and getting bashed up. To date, I have heard a lot of cool stories of people starting fights because they can't keep their mouths shut. Sometimes it's damn funny because some people are by nature not malicious but turn into a monster when drunk

Here are probably the 3 funniest (or stupid, however you look at it) incidents that I can recall.

1) This one happened last night. The quotes might not be accurate since I heard this from a friend. This bloke went up to a group of 1st years who were standing in the corner minding their own business and shouted out, "Oi you all come here don't stand in the corner la. Give the guys some la. Come all the way from Singapore don't wanna give it to the guys then stay home la!" After that, a guy went up to him and demanded that he apologise to the girls. Our hero then retorted, "Fuck you la don't pretend I know you want to get some too!"

Resulting in : The guy slapped our hero on the head. I think the guy was a bit stupid. You should NEVER provoke a drunk person. Our hero would have pounded him if he was not held back.

2) One fine day when we all just finished Form 5 and decided to party by going out to drink (illegally since none of us were 18). It was in Souled Out in Hartamas. Stupid bastards sold us drinks anyway. My friend Joe got so pissed drunk that we had to help him walk to the toilet to take a piss. While pissing, he decided to peep over at an AhBeng. With a giggle, he said to the AhBeng, "HAHA! My dick is bigger than yours!"

Resulting in : AhBeng's face getting really red. He looked like the gangster type, so we had to apologise to him on Joe's behalf. Joe was still laughing as the AhBeng was washing his hands. We slapped Joe and dragged him out of there.

3) This involved that crazy assed Joe again. After 'some' drinks in Bangsar, and while walking back to the car, he started dancing on the streets waving his hands madly in the air. Just then, it started to drizzle. Joe, thinking that the rain was a result of his actions immediately felt a great spiritual connection with God, immediately threw his knees to the ground and with his hands spread out, he kissed the tar road while shouting "Allahuakhbar!" No, Joe is not a Muslim. He's a Hindu.

Resulting in : Nothing. Thankfully there wasn't anybody around since we were nearing the car (near some houses). We immediately picked him up, slapped him and dragged him back to the car. Stuffs like this can cause racial riots you know.

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when i got really pissed drunk... my friends told me i almost jumped off the balcony. They had to catch me by my ankle.

Tell you more online.


I've been reading you for awhile now, but never commented. This post had be laffing my head off. But yeah, I really enjoy reading your blog.

Apparently, I get very touchy feely when I'm high. Prob why my friends always looked nervous and would never let me go off dancing alone when I was clubbing in Perth.

That's nothing though. I've got a friend who goes around hugging ppl telling them 'I love you'. I mean, it's certainly interesting seeing a guy hug another guy and telling him those 3 'magical' words you know?

(P/s:Results may vary according to individuals..wahahaha!)


When I'm durnk, I can speak Russian. though even the Russians can't understand me.

i was exchanging drunk stories with a Mexican guy once, and he told me a story about how he once got SOOOOO drunk during his OWN party that somehow, he woke up the next morning sleeping OUTSIDE his door, dressed only in his underwear.


Ahah, good to see that two outta your three friends are happy drunks at least. I don't mind the ones who get all cheeky and playful when they're smashed... it's a lotta fun. :P It's the angry 'tards like #1 that I can't stand.

Ah... no drunk stories of my own to tell - I don't ever drink...

...but man, do I have plenty of stories about other people!


1 of my friend got so drunk on beer that we have to drag his carcass into the car, into the apartment, and tie his bedroom door in fear of him coming out to piss and end up jumping off from the balcony on the 20th floor instead.

True or false? People are being the truest form of themselves when drunk. They reveal things without processing the information.

I do not like alcohols. So well.. =D Nice accounts.


ra : True. That is why you should never drink if you have loads of secrets.

Haha. Then those who get touchy-feely when drunk (no offence) are actually potential perverts? Haha.

Haha, people do mad mad stuff when they're drunk. Example: one of my friends laugh so much she falls to the floor (not that she normally doesn't) and the other hits on every guy. :P

TheMan (a friend) strips everytime he's drunk. No matter where he is.

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