Monday, October 24, 2005

foot in mouth

You should read Kenny's story of getting a foot in his mouth. I was very amused by it because I would have reacted very differently. Kenny's of course a nice bloke, and I am, well, Vincent. I can so imagine myself going on and on bitching about that woman. That bimbo.

Oh wait.

I did that already. Twice in fact. Heck, I still get hits from google searches for Andrea Fonseka. You can read this and more importantly, this and judge for yourself whether her detractors are right or not. Please do mind the foul language. I used to be a very foul mouthed kid.

This reminds me of a friend who was the sister of a VERY famous (not anymore though) artiste. Everywhere she went, she went around asking everybody what they thought of her brother. Most people never knew they were siblings, so the answers were always frank and brutally honest. When the praises flew in, she beamed with pride. When she got negative remarks, she would get pissed and launch a screaming tirade.

Everytime that happened, I would grin to myself. If you try to bait people, you are just asking for it when critisism comes along the way it does. Padan muka, I would say. However, most of the blokes she screamed at would suffer an uncomfortable 'foot in the mouth' syndrome when she told them that she was his sister. I would actually feel bad for them that they voiced their opinions and got assaulted for it.

Back to Kenny's story, there was a few sentences which really cracked me up..

The other contestants in the competition can't even string a proper sentence in English! By winning Miss Malaysia, Andrea is the ambassador for Malaysia. And you gotta have someone smart for that position.
Considering the fact that she was representing a country whose national language is MALAY and not English, shouldn't our dear ambassador be able to string a proper fluent sentence in Malay? It was disgracefully embarassing that she couldn't as she showed in her video interview on the Miss Universe website.

This is for the people who were too lazy to click on the link to the article I wrote. When asked to say something in our national language, this is what our dear ambassador had to say, quoted word for word :

Apa khabar semua di Malaysia yang tonton ini. Terima kasih kerana..err..uhm...click sama saya di atas site ini dan kepada semua yang tidak dari Malaysia, cubala datang ke Malaysia dan anda akan experience, you know, sesuatu yang amat istimewa.
Yeah, well done lass. Well done.


Hahah ...
good one


it's still embarrassing, all the same. but yeah, people should stop asking others about their famous siblings/aunties/friends/pets unless they're open to negative comments. geez. kenny shouldn't feel one bit sorry!

Lol, I can't imagine stepping into Kenny's shoes though. :P


Sad case, unable to string proper BM *sigh*.

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