Thursday, October 13, 2005

i am coming home

I could go on about how the companies don't like applying for work permits for non-EU citizens. I could complain about how the job market here is saturated with mechanical engineers. Or, I could resign myself to the fact that my results maybe weren't good enough or worse.........that I just wasn't good enough.

Never mind that I really wanted to stay. Never mind that it would have been a great thing working in a different culture, and more importantly, earning big bucks. Truth is, above all...I love it here. It has been my home for 3 years. I am not prepared to leave, not just yet.

Two weeks more.

Two weeks before I leave this place, not knowing when I will ever be back. Two weeks before I turn my back on the place of my greatest moments in recent time. Two weeks to the start of a new chapter. Above all, two weeks before I finally get to be back.

Home sweet home, eh?

I can smell the belacans already...


Ah... Welcome back to the world of Nasi Kandar

malaysia is much more fun. it's true!

yes comeback to the housewives driving 4x4's and hogging 2 lanes or cutting thru traffic like a nascar driver, and the CapekLeetleKancils & Satria's who think they're Lambro's.

welcome back welcome back, just in time for hari raya also

well...welcome to the i'm-stuck-in-malaysia-for-the-meantime gang. =)

Break out the yellow ribbons for some old oak tree!

Welcum back

i can smell my marvin adi.

Welcome back! But as a person who came back from the outer world myself, I will say leave yourself an open road to go abroad again when opportunity comes OR when it is necessary. :D

I was in London when I was 18, for a short internship stint on Oxford Street. I abso-fucking-lutely loved the city and didn't want to leave. Not even if you yanked me off with a scrapper... I spent many worried hours wondering if I would find myself in London again.

Moons came and passed. Since my first visit, I have been to London almost on a yearly basis since 2001...

So I am sure you'll find yourself in the UK at some other point in your life.... until then, welcome back to the land of satay celup and Devil's Curry.... Mmmm...


2 weeks more for u to be 21!!!!

2 weeks more for you to think up of something fantabulous for me then...since none of those damn books were cheap there. Hehehehe! Oh, besides my choccies also..but no worries dude, take your time...there's 2 whole weeks for you to think it up for me...wahahaha!

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