Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i am high

I am quite high now so if there are typos don't bith about it ok. Well, you could bitch about it la but I would also ask you to fuck off..Anyways, I have a note for a cute chick I saw just now and since I am the famous Vincent Lau I think everybody reads this blog so ShortChick I know you are reading thiss......

Dear short chick,

I saw you stalking me just now at the club. Mahai everywhere I went you followed with your friends. I buy drink you queue up next to me. I dance with my friends you dance nearby. Actually hor, I thought you wer quite chune la. Short short cute cute can put in my pocket and walk around.

But then rite....you want to stalk me have some balls to come talk to me la. I would have talked to you nice nice. I would also have bought you a ddrink. Bet you never had a flaming sambuca before. But then hor....you want to talk to guys ar...don't go stand around your ugly friends la. If your unfortunate looking friends weren't aroiund I would have gone and tlaked to you.

So yeah.......next time la you come talk to me I buy you a flaming sambuca.

Yours cincerely,

Vincent the great


cilaka you take so long to blog such a short post... oi ... SLEEP TIGHT next time don't drink so much and and and drink lots of water... don't get dehydration. mUAKS.

Wahahaha! Dude! You didn't sound so high on your sms! Wokiez, I just got back from Mackers after doing the Mykad thingy...now be a good boy and go dunk your head in water, then drink it (gross eh?) and go zzz...*pats head*

WOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW he's got the spam bug.

Yuck...I cant belive you like flaming sambucas....bleargh...

HAH!! That means vincent msut be quite cutela...



i think in your drunkedness, you mistook a stool for cute chick, and the bartender for her unfortunate-looking friend...

You are drunk sir , you must have mistaken that person as a chick while that person was actually a he/gay/transexual . :P

did she wears miniskirt and pretend drunk till u could see her panty?

I don't even want to know...

wah, you sure you're not too drunk not to notice she was just trying to tell you that you forgot to zip your pants after coming out from the toilet ah? Heh!

anonymous : How do you know she was wearing panties? Hhahahaha

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