Monday, October 17, 2005

in case you haven't noticed

Posts in this blog have been few and far between. I will update when I can, and more importantly, when I have something good to write about. The last few posts have been mediocre by MY standards. I have updated the sidebar to include some more of my favourite (and hence best) posts under the 'previously on..' section.

I have been having a writer's block for a while now, partly because it's hard to get inspiration to write a blog when I spend most of my time at home doing practically nothing interesting. In case you were wondering...inspiration to a writer is very important. A writer without inspiration is like Pamela Anderson without silicone.

Writer's block stinks. It's probably the worse kinda block you want to be on (except maybe a chopping block). I guest blogged at minishorts.net today and took more than an hour to write a short article. Brain's clearly not working too well these days.

If you think I have lost the plot, I shall remind you of a football saying

"Form is temporary, class is permanent"

Although, looking at Liverpool, I am beginning to doubt the validity of that statement.


well, u can always write about writer's blog, that solves alot of problem doesn't it? hehe

a friend of mine told me to keep writing because that's what writers do: they keep writing with or without inspiration, so that when they DO have inspiration, their work is especially good.

so replace all forms of "write" with "blog" and there you have it. keep blogging! =)


writers block - an excuse given by writers when they're work sucks, so that people would continue reading in hope that the 'block' would disappear and entertainment resumes. Eg. Stephen King has writer's block... 24/7. Hahahaha

oi! cheap shot! cheap shot!

Form is temporary, class is permanent; Paul Masefield on EPL Saturday said the same thing when predicting that Newcastle wouldn't lose to Wigan.

"Although, looking at Liverpool, I am beginning to doubt the validity of that statement"

Beginnig to??? aiyah..
You should started to doubt them a long time ago!


"Out Out!! Damn block. Out, I say!"
- quoted from a Bard's Ink writer


"Although, looking at Liverpool, I am beginning to doubt the validity of that statement"

That is so true...especially the thrashing Chelsea gave Liverpool


Hey nice info you posted.
I just browsing through some blogs and came across yours!

Excellent blog, good to see someone actually uses em for quality posts.

Your site kept me on for a few minutes unlike the rest :)

Keep up the good work!



hmm its been some time..

Liverpool is a GREAT club. So are its FANs. Like Me.

Heh :p



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