Thursday, October 20, 2005

lessons learnt

It's been a pretty awesome last few days and there are lessons to be learnt all around.

Case study : Pinky does it again

The story : Pinky the poodle displays her ignorance once again and ends up with a foot in her mouth.

My take : People get way pissed offed, just like before. And just like before, they took it too far. Arguments happen. It is inevitable. People disagree with one another. Some people get offended. But when you do a tactless bashing of somebody (irrelevant whether it is your blog or theirs), you are no better. It's like a pot calling the kettle black. Calling pinky a bitch just because she is ignorant doesn't make you any better than she is.

Lessons learnt :
1) Because I am sort of a demi God, I shall point you in the direction of my divine teachings. This is how you critisize people with class and tact.
2) Anybody can write a blog, but not everybody can write a blog with CLASS.

Case study : Campus 14

The story : Wikipedia has a specific entry dedicated to an event in my university called Campus 14. It basically involves drinking 14 pints of beer or 28 shots of spirit.

My take : I can drink, but I am not crazy. 28 shots of spirit would make you end up in hospital. Possibly the morgue. I ended up drinking 17 shots in a space of 3.5 hours. I have never puked over a drink before. NEVER EVER. Never gotten drunk before.

Lessons learnt : This was a cool experience.

1) Puking does make you feel SOOO much better. I didn't spend my time hugging the toilet bowl as I have seen pics of people doing that. I barfed for less than a minute and was sober enough to clean up after that.
2) If there's puke on the carpet, it would be best to wipe the fluids up with a LOT of toilet paper and then later vacumm up the dried up bits of your barfed up food. Later, you could neutralise the smell with your Hugo Boss perfume. Trust me, it works.

Case study : The Manyoo trip

The story : After doing the Campus 14 thingy on Monday, I caught an early morning train to Manchester to watch Tuesday's game against Lille only to return early this morning. Manyoo drew 0-0 against the French minnows.

My take : Taking early morning trains are not much fun. No, wait. Morning trains are ok. Waking up early to take them is not. On the bright side, I did manage to be early enough to grab McDonald's breakfast. As for football....the only other time I watched Manyoo play in Old Trafford, we lost 1-0 to Milan last season.

Lessons learnt :
1) Double sausage egg McMuffin is probably the best breakfast meal you can have in this country.
2) Two games in Old Trafford and I didn't get to experience a Manc goal celebration. I should probably never go to Old Trafford to watch another game.
3) If I do go, I should probably bet on the game before that.


Must be careful of Murphy's law when making that bet..

Xiaxue is the god forsaken beauty that could ever happen in the blogging world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Xiaxue is the god forsaken beauty that could ever happen in the blogging world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Xiaxue is the god forsaken beauty that could ever happen in the blogging world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Xiaxue is the god forsaken beauty that could ever happen in the blogging world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some people are ignorant. Pity pinky, Since pinky have "bird brain". It's no surprise at all. Please forgive her, good post, vinc, very the eye opening.......

yeah, poodle is definitely classier than bitch. my bad...

k3ng : Its a double edged sword. If I bet for them to lose, I should end up very happy. If they lose, I make money. If they win, well thats good, cuz I support them.

kimcun : You bad? As in really bad girl? Bad, bad girl? Bad naughty girl? Need spanking do you?


yes. please. stay away from old trafford.

You are in UK and you had a McDonalds breakfast?

That's a fucking travesty, didn't occur to you, full English Breakfast probably comes from ENGLAND.

So thus it must be far better than that processed puke the golden arches serve.

And anfield > old trafford.


ST : And you of all people should know that nothing in your country is open at 6.30am, with the exception of McDonalds?

vincent, yeah that pukiface-kimberly is the bitch alright, for exposed my email and publish my IP, but sure go ahead becos its useless cos my house pc is is not belong to me...i dont wanna touch..sumore i dont wish to touch...so.. i'm was using fake cybercafe emails and IP to log in...hahahahahahaha damn that evil pukiface-kimberly bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous : Look dude. If you've got an issue with her, go and settle with her ok. Enough of spamming my blog.

Dude plenty of greasy spoons open at that time, for early commuters and truckers.

Especially around industrial areas.

Can't beat a good plate of grease and a cup of engine oil coffee in the morning.


Hmm ... Pretty eye-opening.

sory i cant tolerate that kimberly-CCBpukiflatface-cun, summore she tried hard to break xiaxue ricebowl, and seemed she want to eat u vincent!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahaha

ok no need reply, becoz i going offline now!!!!!!!!!byebye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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