Friday, October 28, 2005


Sometime after September 11, those blokes at the CIA realised that suicide bombers are a bit looney and they decided to do some criminal profiling to see what kind of people would most likely be a suicide bomber. After spending millions of dollars and in collaboration with other intelligence agencies like the Mossad and MI6, they realised that there isn't a fixed profile. The suicide bomber and be any average Joe.

One of the London bombers was a teacher - a model citizen. Those guys sure are hard to pick out. But I tell you what is easy to pick out. The extremists. The nutters. The sick in the head cuntfaces who hate everybody.

People like this and this. The same people who can come up with shit like this and this.

So much for our 'tolerant-respect-other-people's-culture' society right? Bangsa Malaysia? With these kind of people around, I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.

If you think about it, its quite weird how people just lie in wait to pounce on Xiaxue, even though she had long established that her brains were the size of bacteria stuck on the pebble in my shoe. She's a stupid kid who has no malicious intent and obviously doesn't know what she's talking about. Compare her with these two extremists who quite clearly know what they are doing and make no apologies for spurting their hate on the rest of us....

I just wonder where our priorities lay sometimes...


Those fanatics... gesh...

err ... i think hoh people know their priorities, just that they choose to ignore it ...

btw, welcome back


Perhaps people feel that it's safer to hit on social issues rather than issues that involve religion and race, especially in this country.

Taking a pot shot , huh ? That's why people should look into the surface of argentum first (read : mirror) before slamming others .

I did a Deeparaya post today. Why? Coz I wanted to ping PPS with the word "DeepaRaya" If enough of us bloggers do this, the PPS board will contain a lot of "DeepaRaya" words. Heheheh! Wouldn't that be just great? I didn't pounce on Xiaxue because I think she's practically harmless. On the other side of the spectrum, there are other rabid hatemongers who are a great danger to society in their headlong quest for a seat in heaven. These are the ones we should constantly beware of.

pinpin : Issues of religion is one thing, but everybody can agree that this guy is a fanatic.

viewtru : Exactly dude. But I am annoyed that people seem to be picking a bone with a harmless kid when the real menaces are all out there and nobody bothers about them.


(many read xx, no one reads them?)

Wait wait...I've got a theory on this. Of the two issues here, people would relate their narcissism better to someone they know they can pick on - a girl with some loose bolts. How the heck do you pick on a guy who's a known fundementalist and still feel good about your own self?

People tend to take the easier route. Their mistake.


Happy Birthday! You Olde Prude!!!

Here's to more ego-bursting sessions!


yes...yes...yes i do....afraid ofgeting hurt....giving too much to xiaxue ady....i cant live without her...

bump da sucka kimberlypukiflatface!!!!!!!



Hey there! Just wanted to drop by to wish you happy birthday.. welcome to the old club!!!

Do they have 14,000 unique readers per day and thus are virtually a form of media?

No, they are nobodies, no one cares.

And yes many people commented on Menj's entry, including myself..Quite a lot of people blogged about it. Religion is however a sticky issue, especially here, which is a religious country, state and religion are not seperate entities.

And BTW, who are you? Self appointed minister of morals, what people should care about and what people should blog about?

I think not, go follow your master, she might give you something interesting to write about with your 'class and tact', I don't think I should be here anyway, obviously far too classy for me.

I am just another ignorant dumbfuck chastising a small kid, I wish I can be so superior like you and go after the big matters, like which tampons absorb more water.

Have a great weekend back in Malaysia dude.


Vincent and Shaolingtiger ...it sounds like your guys are dueling.


Actually, this is a vicious cycle..If you are speaking as a person with authority and with experience, most will not critise you because you are not performing what you are preaching. Everyone of us has opinions. This is just one of them.(ST, same as your educating the masses load.No?)


Firstly, it's relatively easy to slam someone who tries very hard to be a public figure, isn't very brainy and pretty much forms that public figure by brainlessness...er. Basically it's easy to slam Xiaxue because it's easy to slam her.

It's NOT that easy to slam someone who claims himself to be a so-called expert. In fact, for someone like him (or them), the less attention you pay to them, the better.

Of course if you don't pay attention to them, it's like sweeping bigotry under the carpet, where it will be allowed to breed like all the bacteria that you know.

Fact is - Xiaxue gets slammed because she's an easy target. Menj, not so.




Perhaps sometimes it's not about priorities, but it's what close to your heart.

For Kimberlycun, Peter and ST, it's about civic-consciousness and disability issues. These are the issues they believe in and feel strongly about. For lainie and minishorts, the things that irk them could be about journalistic issues (generalizing from the Cicak's "backlash"). For you, you clearly having strong beliefs/hopes about national unity and racial harmony.

How do you rank what's more important than the other? By saying that because Menj spreads hatred and racial intolerance, he could cause another May 16? Or that because XX has a wide readership, all her readers will be influenced to become less emphathetic?
It's subjective.

Everyone should be allowed to stand for what they believe in..the problem is how they do it and say it.


well, i know some of them are like that (in fact, we all knew about tht). much to our disappointment, eh? *sigh*

...i dunno. juz sometimes wish that this type of people would juz vanish or go away. been eaten by a beast or whatever. >D ah. evil me.


ST : Oh rite, so it is all about the number of readers a person gets? I never knew...I was always under the impression that you guys were concerned about social responsibility. My bad. It is not about him blogging about religious matters. He's a bigot and even most Muslim agree he is. There is nothing sensitive there. By the way, have you guys emailed Britney Spears to tell her what a horrible role model she is?

Funny how you talk about my master. Have you redeemed your coupon to a free blowjob? Or do you get it everyday anyway?

jo : You have a VERY good point there.


Well, anyway I saw a "DeepaRaya" banner at the neighbourhood today, in singapore. I couldn't figure out it at first until I read this.

Actually i think its okay for the celebrations would not affect each traditions in each way or obstruct whatsoever.

I do not believe in going after trivial things like this because it is never-ending.

If you're a follower of a clan/tribe/religion of course you believe it is the strongest, isnt it?

Oh, I'm agnotiscism by the way.

grr, anyway don't get irritated by things written by them. to ME, they are just too egoistic to notice things that shld be done for the benefit of many and not just for their own sake. Wars are started by these people.

*This comment is made in good intentions.*


Vincent misintepret what I say more, you might end up twisting what I said so much you'll get back to what I originally meant.

And yes it is about readership, if a newspaper does something wrong, and they only have a circulation of 5, why bother about it? It's not going to have any major effect on society right? If a newspaper has a circulation of 150,000 and they print something that isn't 'right' then it's worth investing the effort in to do something about correct? Cause and effect are something you need to study a little more my dear child.

And when was Britney spears racist or prejudiced against the disabled? I must have missed that? Please point me to the articles.

Blowjob coupon? Nah I'm waiting for you to rim my ass, you seem inclined to that kind of behaviour.

What jo said is essentially correct, it's about making a point, civic conciousness and social responsibility. And yes as I've said MANY times, it's not WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it.


ST, i think if your words do not carry malicious intentions to insult "subtlely" and if you can phrase your objectives clearly and not start an argument in Vincent's blog. It will be much clearer.

"Cause and effect are something you need to study a little more my dear child." <= Lol. I thought in your blog, you stated that in an arguement, you do not assume you know more than the other party. If so, why bother arguing with an idiot, you are a fool for making that conscious choice. Because you think you can think and the other cannot.

"What jo said is essentially correct, it's about making a point, civic conciousness and social responsibility. And yes as I've said MANY times, it's not WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it." <= It is not stated in your previous entry.

People with utmost faith in their religions are different from people with blind and ignorant ideas inferred from their religions. I feel that the guy's blog is just to broadcast his faith, a structure to keep his world steady. He is certainly not racist because he just feel insulted that the two religions' ideas crash on the same day. Same day/week to celebrate, different ideas to explain.<= It causes confusion.


"Everyone should be allowed to stand for what they believe in..the problem is (how they do it and say it). " <= Haha. Then ST should not be lambasting Vincent for expressing his opinions, no? Since ST agreed to that. And tsk tsk, you cannot break a sentence up and inferr what you like. THe thing exists as ideas that are linked. If you break it up, one does not complement the other anymore.

ra : Case closed. This argument will never end, not when people take issues like this to a personal level.

I've said the same thing since the 'KL sucks' debacle. XX could have expressed her feelings without saying in such an offensive manner, using terms such as bangla and slapping a 'malay fucker' with a pig. You can say the same thing many different ways, actually you can say quite offensive things in a non-offensive manner if you word them correctly..Same here, you can say things that would normally be not highly offensive in a very antagonistic manner and set the world on fire.

And I'm not talking about Menj, I have not posted about him, I'm talking about XX. Menj is not a form of mass media, Menj is a religious fundementalist, Menj does not have endorsement deals, althought I may not always agree with what he says, he is welcome to voice his opinions, people don't publish articles in the newspaper recommending that everyone reads his blog, the people who read his blog are interested in his message.

ra it's an endless circle, then why can I not lambast vincent for his views? I am just expressing my opinion on his opion on the other people's opinion right?


Shaolin Tiger, quit acting like an angel. We all know you're a Chinese-wannabe trying to be asian and what-not.

fuckin retard.


ST when ur in m'sia shut the fuck up u poor chinese-wannabe brit-inbreed who only can afford small plotong satria becos u only squad on m'sia, if u want create trouble GO BACK TO OWN UK AND CREATE MAYHEM there if u want but not here!!!!!!

vincent rockss! xiaxue rocks! and anonymous rocks! this blog is about vincent and anonymous!!!!have fun everyone~


It's an irony that the last stupid and ignorant posts spoilt the whole thing .

anonymous retard : Let's get one thing VERY CLEAR. I DO NOT SUPPORT XIAXUE.

ST : One question. Which is worse...14K people reading about a stupid kid talking about using disabled toilets and hurling random racist remarks on a pink blog or a CONFIRMED religious bigot spreading his shit to 200 odd people?

We can both agree that XX hasn't a clue what she is doing or talking about, but can we say the same for MENJ who knowing spews his hate and racial intolerance everywhere? If you think that XX is worse, then this argument ends here. I think that even if MENJ spews hate to just ONE person, he should be locked up.


vincent, so do u support kimberlypukiface then?

what the fuck is wrong with you, anonymous? too well known to even use a name when you start insulting people?


VINCE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY OK when we meet up this week we have a double celeb. see ya.


oi i just read the vince - st duel.

wah piang.


I happen to think neither of you blog with class.
wanna learn class? read cowboy caleb. as for me, i never did admitted to being classy.


im abit limping and i dun mind xiaxue if she want to use diable toilets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the endorsements are her livelihood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls dun play with her life u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok dun flame me or no need for reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!byebye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


... Whoa.

Um, just wanted to say that I thought this post was gold. :D


I personally find MENJ disturbing. I do not agree with what he writes but he is free to write about what he believes is true as much as he pleases.

HOWEVER! I honestly believe that all of us should watch out for MENJ. He should NEVER EVER be elected into any political position and should NEVER EVER be given any opportunity to do so.

Give him half the chance, he might overthrow the Msian government. Sounds absurd but let us all remember that Pol Pot took control of Cambodia with hardly any resistence from the people and thousands upon thousands of Cambodians were killed by a small community of sick people. People like Pol Pot serve us with a grave reminder how important the voice of the nation is.

I am not upset with what MENJ writes about religion. I am upset that he does not show much empathy for anyone else who does not share similar views as he does. It worries me that he has political ambitions. It worries me because MENJ goes against simple moral and ethic codes = justice, truth, honour, respect, love, kindness etc.

I believe every person that passes on deserves some respect, immaterial who they are - good/bad/whatever religion etc. Him labeling Datin Sri Endon "tudungless" was a tasteless act and shows what he truly is inside.

I can go on and on and on about MENJ but I rather do something more productive with my time.

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali, folks. Cheers from me.


Karl Marx is right. Religion is an opiate of the masses. It's good if taken moderately, once you overdose, things go heywire.

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