Sunday, October 09, 2005

spam is healthy

Dear Spammers,

I would like to thank you profusely from the bottom of my already black heart for leaving me with multitude of compliments with regards to this blog. It is comforting to know that a professional dog trainer, a car insurance salesman and various other kind folks out there think that this blog has quality material. It is good to hear that you guys bookmarked my blog, and since you promised to return for more, this message (I know you are reading it) is for you.

I would also like to use this opprtunity to politely decline your offer of the services you provide. I do not generally care about dog obedience, and I do not have a car. I do, however have fascinations with Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Love Hewitt, as a couple of you have shrewdly pointed out, but I would also have to decline your offer of joining your stalkers club as I wish to keep my fantasies about them private and preferably on my bed.

Another word of thanks goes to the blokes out there who worry about my health. I am a very healthy 21 year old with a perfect BMI, although maybe a bit of a damaged liver due to my excessive drinking, but I do not require cheap vitamins as my parents have already taken care of that problem for me. And no, joining Alcoholics Anonymous is not something I wish to be doing anytime soon. On the issue of the size of manhood, thank you, dear stranger, for your concern but I am quite happy with its size (and last I heard, so was a particular Ms Katherine Lee) and do not wish to invest in pumps or herbal medicine from the jungles of Amazon.

It feels really nice to get constant checking-ins from you guys, which is why I refuse to activate the word-verification thingy that almost everybody is using these days. I do not wish to trouble my readers (and myself) to type in a few more alphabets everytime we want to comment as I think it is much easier to exercise my dexterity with my mouse and click delete everytime you fucktards post idiotic advertisements.

I hope I wasn't too harsh or rude to you, and hope you understand.

Kind regards,
Vincent Lau
Managing Director and Senior Editor
(part time Dictator)

B*tchingLOG...not a weBLOG

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oni part time dictator meh?

I see that you have an interesting article there. I think it is wholesome and has a certain style that makes people happy about the way they are. Even when they are real fucked-up.

By the way, will you like to buy some niplettes, you know, little pumps that you can use to suck out those inverted nipples of yours?


you forgot GOD of bitchinglog blablabla

Haha.Why didn't you address those online dating services?

hahaha... nice post man... can i refference this post in my blog?

ken : Go ahead

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