Tuesday, November 29, 2005


You know how there are no proper football blogs around?

Sick of all those monkeys who copy and paste Soccernet's articles and give their two line half baked opinion on something?

Tired of biased views from a Liverpool fan slagging off Manyoo?

Fear not.......

Eyeris, Tigerjoe and Vincent are proud to present the Petaling Street Hooligans!

Since I am lazy to tell you what we blog about that makes us different, go on there and read Eyeris' introductory post.

Eyeris is a Liverpool fan, Tigerjoe is a Chelsea dude and I am a Manyoo supporter. All that lacks is an Arse. We are running auditions to find a suitable Arse who can babble about HIS team. Drop a comment on the blog and let us know if you are interested.

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yups, them Arse people. Just like you..heheheheehehehee...

I dun like you. You think girls only watch for the footballers and not the game. Ceh ceh ceh! Come to think of it, they do watch the guys, which is so bloody freakin annoying. I saw this girl who couldn't stop woo-ing when her fav chelsea guy scored. It was such a nuisance. Euu.

I can't wait till a real Arsenal supporter puts his first entry in PPS Hooligans! Goooooooooo Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


skay : Hehehe...my critisism is warranted ok. I have had all sorts of girls say rubbish to me when it comes to football.

My all time favourite - "I like Dennis Bergkamp." "Oh, why you like him?" "I like the way he kicks the ball."

So...you leh? You watch football or watch footballers? Hahaha. I take it you're an Arse. We need Arses for the blog. Want or not?


I like Dennis Bergkamp too. But I like him because he looks damn mannnn!!!!! Ok, seriously..he's good when it comes to reading the game and a player's move so it helps him further in ball passings. Too bad he's getting old adi. Stamina takde. Got skill also no use coz it'll be affected somehow.

I watch football and the footballers. Girls multitask but most of them usually get abit carried away with the first task (footballer watching) =P

"My all time favourite - "I like Dennis Bergkamp." "Oh, why you like him?" "I like the way he kicks the ball."

Why dun you ask them back, "Which leg does he use to kick the ball if you like to see the way he kicks so much"


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