Monday, November 21, 2005

assholometer bounty

It is no big secret that I am quite a mean bastard. I pull little girls' hair and steal chocolates from fat chubby kids. I have done many insanely evil things in life, I am convinced that I will meet TuckerMax in hell.

I have blogged about most of my evil deeds before..

1) I am unscrupulous when it comes to money. I conned a lot of my Standard 4 classmates by selling them art blocks for 50 sen a piece.

2) I let the air out of my headmistress' car before. Not one or two tyres, but THREE. Not four because I am very kuailan.

3) I tortured ants and cockroaches in the name of science. I also tortured a bee, but that was for revenge.

4) I have a talent for insulting people. I mercilessly mock ugly people, thin people, and multitudes of faggots.

5) I tend to take the piss out of my friends. I do that a lot.

6) I am a sexist. I quite frequently make fun of women and classify them into groups.

7) I am a bad influence on kids. I teach them stuffs they are not supposed to know. Sometimes, I assault them too.

8) Democracy sucks. I believe in autocracy. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in the eyes of the Western world, this makes me an asshole.

9) I am VERY anti-social. This is often mistaken (and rightly so) as arrogance, which again, makes me an asshole.

10) I have zero tolerance for suicidal maniacs. I encourage them to end their lives.

11) I am a miser. And a thief too.

12) I am not sarcastic enough. So much so that everybody understands sarcasm. Woohoo!

13) I pick on idiots and bully them sometimes too.

14) I play pranks on this blog....and make an ass out of you guys. And I find it funny too.

15) I am turning this into a meme and spreading the joy, just because I know people hate memes.

Project description:

I am quite a big asshole, eh? This project is called 'The Assholometer Bounty' simply because it is interesting find out, now that you guys know of my evilness, how much you would pay to get rid of me? How much would you be willing to fork out to rid the world of someone like me? Pillage my commenting box with any figure and I will total up the assholometer bounty as we go along.

Let's face it. As much as people like to claim that they are nice people, everybody is an asshole deep down inside. In fact, not enough people are proud of the evil things they did. With the exception of a couple of guys, I don't think enough people blog about their 'assholic' tendencies. Wouldn't it be a joy to read of more people being evil?

1) All you guys have to do is blog about your most 'assholic' deed (or a few, if you wish) in order to get your readers to raise your bounty. The higher your bounty, the better.
2) Copy out these last few paragraphs including the project description.
3) In keeping with being an 'asshole', you are free to spread this meme along to as many people as you wish (the more the merrier since everybody hates memes).

I tag:


Look, I even created a thumbnail for you assholes...


I open the assoholometer bounty at 10 cents coz you tagged me.

Only 10 cents? You stingy cow..

you sure did lotsa meanie things ^^;

I had to click on 'Lyn' to double check if it is me.


anyway will get down it tommorrow. oh, Barcelona trashed Real 3-0. AT HOME.

Be glad you didn't watch it with me.


okay, I raise the bounty to 50 cents since you're a ManYoo fan.

Since you are that mean...I think you are worth 0 Cents. My rationale lies in that by making you a prominent existence in my life, i will waste energy. Therefore, casting you out of existence is the best solution. =P

aww c'mon ra...0 cents IS quite mean... and casting him out of existence DOES cost something...

i therefore hereby, with great ceremony, raise the bounty to RM2.00, because that's the price of the nasi lemak near my house. =P



i'm just being a guy, not asshole lar...

i think you're perfectly fine there, i wouldn't pay a single cent to rid of you. (why would i want to do that?)


lyn : Haha I told you buckteeth rocks. And you should be glad I didnt watch it with you. You wouldnt have heard the end of it.

jin : Cheebye. Nasi lemak ayam only ar? Cheap ass. At least tambah sotong and raise it to like 4 bucks or somthing la.

fuckstress : Of course. You're such a nice little girl who doesnt swear.

michael : Dude, we are all assholes. Hahaahaha.


Whaddyamean by tagging me? I'm no asshole! Waitaminit.....I once helped an old lady across the street. She wanted to thank me. But I WOULDN'T LET HER! Oh, the shame of it. Yeah, I can be such an asshole!

yalar. waste money only, pay money to get rid of you. what for leh?

woots! everybody loves me! i feel so loved....whoah!

Hey I just found your blog. It's really entertaining with a wide variety of topics. I love it.

The only pet peeve I have with your blog is the way you spell writing, with the double "t". Writing is only one t! So since you use the word writing so often, I thought I would drop you a note about it. Hehehe



silverangel : It has been pointed out to be countless times. Old habits die hard I guess. I used to think there were two T's but recently found out that there's one T in it. I have to kick the habit. Thanks for the head up and the compliment.

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